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2010 Nissan Nismo 370z
Featured in Nissan Sport Magazine Issue #18

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Item Number Item Name MSRP
01460-AP2-000 Brake Hose Set (S) AP2 $289
01460-API-000 Brake Hose Set (S) AP1 $289
01460-DC5-000 Brake Hose Set (S) DC5 $289
01460-EG6-000 Brake Hose Set (S) EG6 $289
01460-EK4-000 Brake Hose Set (S) EK4 $289
01460-EP3-000 Brake Hose Set (S) EP3 $289
06164-AP1-001 Injector Set (R) AP1 $895
08SPNCatalog 08 SPOON CATALOG $20
10000-16A-901 B16A Engine Assy CALL FOR PRICING
10000-16B-901 B16B Engine Assymbly CALL FOR PRICING
10000-18C-901 B18C Engine Assymbly CALL FOR PRICING
10000-AP1-001 F20C Engine Assymbly CALL FOR PRICING
11200-16A-000 Baffle Oil Pan (R) B16A $330
11200-16B-000 Baffle Oil Pan (R) B16B/ B18C $330
11200-AP1-001 Baffle Oil Pan (R) AP1 $599
11200-CL7-001 Baffle Oil Pan (R) CL7 $599
11200-DC5-001 Baffle Oil Pan (R) DC5 EP3 $599
11200-FD2-001 Baffle Oil Pan (R) FD2 $599
11850-AP1-001 Oil Catch Tank Kit (R) AP1 $380
12231-16B-000 Carbon Plug Cover (R) B16 $166
12231-AP1-000 Carbon Plug Cover (R) AP1 $166
12231-K20-000 Carbon Plug Cover (R) K20 $166
12251-16B-G01 Head Gasket 2P (R) B16A B/B18C $166
12251-AP1-G01 Head Gasket 2P (R) F20C/ F22C $166
12251-DC5-G01 Head Gasket 2P (R) DC5/ EP3 $166
12251-FD2-G01 Head Gasket 2P (R) FD2/CL7 $166
12310-16B-000 Yellow Head Cover B16A B/ B18C $404
12310-AP1-000 Yellow Head Cover (R) F20C $404
12310-AP2-000 Yellow Head Cover (R) F22C $404
12310-DC5-000 Yellow Head Cover (R) DC5 EP3 $404
12310-FD2-000 Yellow Head Cover (R) FD2 CL7 $404
13000-F22-H10 F20C 2.2L KIT (STD) $3,180
13000-F22-H20 F20C 2.2L KIT (O/S 0.25) $3,180
13030-16A-010 Oversize Piston Kit (C) B16A $525
13030-16B-010 Oversize Piston Kit (C) B16B $525
13030-18C-010 Oversize Piston Kit (C) B18C $525
13030-DC5-010 Oversize Piston Kit (C) K20A $525
13030-F20-010 Oversize Piston Kit (C) F20C $1,840
14111-16B-G00 High Camshaft INTAKE- B series $499
14111-F20-G00 High Camshaft IN. (R)F20C/F22C $685
14111-K20-G00 High Camshaft IN. (R) K20A $685
14121-16B-G00 High Camshaft EXHAUS- B series $499
14121-F20-G00 High Camshaft EX. (R)F20C/F22C $685
14121-K20-G00 High Camshaft EX. (R) K20 $685
14710-16B-G00 Polish Valve Set(R)B16A/B B18C $1,050
14710-AP1-G00 Polish Valve Set (R) F20C/F22C $1,050
14710-K20-G00 Polish Valve Set (R) K20A $1,050
14760-16B-G00 Valve Spring Set (R) B16/B18C $579
14760-AP1-G00 Valve Spring Set (R) F20C/F22C $579
14760-K20-G00 Valve Spring Set (R) K20A $579
16400-AP1-020 Venturi Big Throttle Body AP1 $661
16400-AP1-040 Venturi Big Throttle Body AP1 $661
16400-AP2-020 Venturi Big Throttle Body AP2 $735
16400-CL7-020 Venturi Big Throttle Body CL7 $661
16400-DC5-020 Venturi Big Throttle Body DC5/ EP3 $661
16400-DCR-020 Venturi Big Throttle Body B16B/ B18C $661
16400-FD2-020 Venturi Big Throttle Body FD2 $735
17220-AP1-000 Air Cleaner (S) AP1 $164
17220-CL7-000 Air Cleaner (S) CL7 $94
17220-DC5-000 Air Cleaner (S) DC5 $164
17220-DCA-000 Air Cleaner (S) DCA $164
17220-EGA-000 Air Cleaner (S) EGA $94
17220-EKA-000 Air Cleaner (S) EKA $94
17220-FD2-000 Air Cleaner (S) FD2 $95
17220-GDA-000 Air Cleaner (S) GD1/3AT $94
17220-GDA-010 Air Cleaner (S) GD1/3MT $94
17228-AP1-000 Carbon Air Duct (S) AP1/2 $510
17228-EK9-000 Direct Air Flow Pipe (S) EK9 $247
18000-AP1-000 N1 Muffler Kit (R) AP1 $1,099
18000-AP1-020 N1 Muffler Kit Twin (R) AP1/2 $1,650
18000-CL7-000 N1 Muffler Kit (R) CL7 $1,350
18030-DB8-000 Tail Silencer StreetType(S)DB8 $799
18030-DB8-011 Tail Silencer N1 (R) DB8 $549
18030-DC2-000 Tail Silencer StreetTyp(S)DC2 $799
18030-DC2-011 Tail Silencer N1 (R) DC2 $549
18030-DC5-000 Tail Silencer StreetType(S)DC5 $799
18030-DC5-011 Tail Silencer N1 (R) DC5 $549
18030-EG6-000 Tail Silencer StreetType(S)EG6 $799
18030-EG6-011 Tail Silencer N1 (R) EG6; EK4 $549
18030-EG9-000 Tail Silencer StreetType(S)EG9 $799
18030-EG9-011 Tail Silencer N1 (R) EG9/ EK4 $549
18030-EP3-000 Tail Silencer StreetType(S)EP3 $799
18030-EP3-001 Tail Silencer N1 (R) EP3 $549
18030-FD2-000 Tail Silencer StreetType(S)FD2 $799
18030-FD2-011 Tail Silencer N1 (R) FD2 $549
18030-GDA-000 Tail Silencer StreetType(S)GDA $799
18030-GDA-011 Tail Silencer N1 (R) GDA $549
18100-CL7-000 4in2 Exhaust Manifold (S) CL7 $1,115
18100-DC5-000 4in2 Exhaust Manifold (S) DC5 EP3 $1,075
18100-EG6-000 4in2 Exhaust Manifold (S) B16A B/B18C $760
18100-FD2-000 4in2 Exhaust Manifold (S) FD2 $1,115
18100-GD3-000 4in2 Exhaust Manifold (S) GD3/3MT $760
18101-AP1-000 421 Exhaust Manifold (S) AP1/2 $1,640
18101-EK9-000 421 Exh. Man. (S) B16B/ B18C $1,169
18210-DC5-000 2in1 Exh. Man. (R) DC5 EP3 $499
18210-DCR-000 2in1 Exh. Man. (R) DC/ EK $315
18210-EG6-000 2in1 Exhaust Manifold (R) EG6 $315
18210-FD2-000 2in1 Exh. Man. (R) FD2 $760
18220-DC2-001 Exhaust Pipe-B (S) DC2 $725
18220-DC5-001 Exhaust Pipe-B (S) DC5 EP3 $725
18220-EG6-001 Exhaust Pipe-B (S) EG6 $725
18220-EK9-001 Exhaust Pipe-B (S) EK9 $725
18220-GDA-002 Exhaust Pipe-B (S) GDA $725
19010-AP1-010 Aluminum Radiator (S) AP1/2 $1,312
19010-CL7-010 Aluminum Radiator (S) CL7 $1,312
19010-DC2-010 Aluminum Radiator (S) DC2/DB8 $1,312
19010-EK9-010 Aluminum Radiator (S) EG/ EK $1,312
19010-FD2-010 Aluminum Radiator (S) FD2 $1,312
19301-AP1-000 Thermo Stat (S) AP1 $99
19301-DC5-000 Thermo Stat (S) DC5/ EP3 $99
19301-EG6-000 Thermo Stat (S) EG/EK/DC $94
19301-FD2-000 Thermo Stat (S) FD2/ CL7 $100
19500-AP1-000 Radiator Hose (S) AP1/2 $299
19500-DC2-000 Radiator Hose (S) DC2 $299
19500-DC5-000 Radiator Hose (S) DC5 EP3 $299
19500-EK9-000 Radiator Hose (S) EK9 $289
19500-FD2-000 Radiator Hose (S) FD2 $299
22100-AP1-000 Fly Wheel (S) F20C/F22C $550
22100-B16-000 Fly Wheel (S) B16/B18 $446
22200-AP1-000 Clutch Disk Metal (S) F20C/F22C $459
22200-AP1-001 ClutchDiskNonAsbestos (S)F20C/F22C $288
22200-DC5-000 Clutch Disk Metal (S) K20 $459
22200-DC5-001 Clutch Disk-Non Asbestos (S) K20 $288
22200-EG6-000 Clutch Disk Metal (S) B16/B18 $380
22200-EG6-001 ClutchDisk NonAsbestos (S) B16/B18 $183
22300-AP1-001 Clutch Cover (S) F20C/F22C $450
22300-B16-001 Clutch Cover (S) B16/B18 $341
22300-DC5-001 Clutch Cover (S) K20A $499
22810-AP1-G00 Release Bearing (S) AP1 $183
22810-DC5-G00 Release Bearing (S) DC5 $183
22810-EK9-G00 Release Bearing (S) EK9 $105
23000-DC5-100 Cross Gear Set (R) 5-6 DC5/EP3 $1,575
23000-EG6-100 Cross Gear Set (R) B16/B18 Trans. $2,900
23000-FD2-100 Cross Gear Set (R) 4-5-6 FD2/CL7 $1,840
23221-EK9-295 Final Gear Repair Parts Counter Shaft (R) $656
31500-EK9-000 Battery (S) $499
31510-AP1-000 Battery Stay Set (S) AP1/ 2 $185
31510-EK9-000 Battery Stay Set (S) DC/EG/EK $185
31510-FD2-000 Battery Stay Set (S) FD2 $185
32700-B16-000 High Tension Code (S) B16A B/ B18C $315
37760-EK9-G00 Thermo Switch (S) All Models $61
38920-AP1-000 Alternator Belt (R) AP1 $159
40100-AP1-001 Propeller Shaft (R) AP1 $1,115
40100-AP2-001 Propeller Shaft (R) AP2 $1,115
41000-AP1-000 LSD AP1/2 $1,289
41000-AP1-S00 LSD Clutch Plate Set (S) AP1 $105
41000-AP1-S01 LSD Overhaul Set (S) AP1 $375
41000-DC2-000 LSD DC2 $1,289
41000-DC5-000 LSD DC5 $1,289
41000-EG6-000 LSD EG6 $1,289
41000-EG6-S00 LSD Clutch Plate Set (S) EG6 $105
41000-EG6-S01 LSD Overhaul Set (S) EG6 $365
41000-GD3-000 LSD GD3 $1,289
41170-AP1-020 Capacity Up Diff. Case (R) AP1/2 $985
41200-AP1-910 Diffrential Gear Box (R) AP1 $2,450
41220-AP1-000 Final Gear Set 4.4 (R) AP1 $1,286
41220-DC5-101 Final Gear Set 5.062 (R) DC5/ EP3 $499
41230-EK9-100 Final Gear Set 4.643 (R) EK9 $1,470
41230-EK9-101 Final Gear Set 4.857 (R) EK9 $1,470
41233-EK9-214 Ring Gear 4.857 (R) $920
41233-EK9-216 Ring Gear 4.643 (R) $920
42010-AP1-000 Drive Shaft Boot Set AP1/2 $236
42320-AP1-000 Drive Shaft Spacer Kit AP1/2 $249
42510-4H1014 14" Rear Brake Rotor 4H100/114 $145
42510-AP1-000 Brake Rotor REAR (S) AP1 $289
43022-EFA-000 Brake Pads Rear (S) EFA DC2/DB8('96 spec) $262
43022-EK9-000 Brake Pads Rear (S) EK9 AP1/2 DC2/DB8('98 spec) DC5 EP3 FD2 CL7 $262
45020-AP1-G01 Caliper Bracket AP1 $200
45020-DCR-G00 Twin Block Caliper Set (S) $1,680
45020-MBF-G00 MonoBlock Caliper Set Forward (R) CL7 $1,680
45020-MBF-G01 MonoBlock Caliper Set Forward (R) DC/EK $1,680
45020-MBR-G01 MonoBlock Caliper Set Reverse (R) DC5 $1,680
45020-MBR-GOO MonoBlock Caliper Set Reverse (R) AP1/2 EP3 $1,680
45022-AP1-000 Brake Pads Front (S) AP1/2 RSX-S Mono-Block Calipers $289
45022-DC2-000 Brake Pads Front (S) DC2 $289
45022-DC5-000 Brake Pads Front (S) DC5 Brembo Calipers $289
45022-EG6-000 Brake Pads Front (S) EG6 $289
45022-EK9-000 Brake Pads Front (S) EK9 ITR Twin-Block Calipers $289
45022-GD1-000 Brake Pads Front (S) GD1 $289
45022-GD3-000 Brake Pads Front (S) GD3 $289
45250-TO3Al Inner Space Set T=3mm $79
45251-4H1014 15" Fr. Brake Rotor 4H100/114 $197
45251-AP1-000 Brake Rotor FRONT (S) AP1 $315
45251-EK9-000 Brake Rotor FRONT (S) EK9 $159
46961-AP1-000 Clutch Slave Hose (S) AP1 JDM only $118
46961-DC5-000 Clutch Slave Hose (S) DC5 JDM only $118
46961-EG6-000 Clutch Slave Hose (S) EG6 JDM only $118
46961-EK4-000 Clutch Slave Hose (S) EK4 JDM only $102
50250-AP1-000 Cross Beam Bar FRONT (S) AP1 $247
50400-AP1-000 Cross Beam Bar REAR (S) AP1 $164
50700-AP1-001 Differential Mount Set AP1/2 $485
50800-AP1-010 Eng. Trans. Mount Set(S) AP1/2 $525
50800-DCR-G00 Eng Trans. Mount Set (S) DCR $485
50800-EG6-000 Mount Conversion Kit (R) $125
50800-EK9-G00 Eng. Trans. Mount Set (S) EK9 $420
50810-AP1-000 Eng. Torque Damper Kit AP1/2 $269
50810-CL7-000 Eng. Torque Damper Kit CL7 $269
50810-DC2-000 Eng. Torque Damper Kit EG6/9 *does not fit U.S. DC2s $269
50810-DC5-000 Eng. Torq. Damper Kit 02 DC5 $269
50810-DC5-020 Eng. Torq. Damper Kit 05 DC5 $269
50810-EK9-000 Eng. Torque Damper Kit EK9 $269
50810-EP3-000 Eng. Torque Damper Kit EP3 $269
50810-FD2-000 Eng. Torque Damper Kit FD2 $269
50810-GD3-000 Eng. Torque Damper Kit GD1/3 $269
50816-AP1-000 Engine Mount Ring (R) AP1/2 $183
51220-CL7-000 ZeroBumpSteerKit Fr. CL7 $262
51220-DC5-000 Zero Bump Steer Kit Fr. DC5 $262
51220-EK9-001 ZeroBumpSteerKit Fr. DC/EG/EK $262
51220-GD3-000 Zero Bump Steer Kit Fr. GD3MT $262
51230-AP1-000 Offset BallJoint Assy. AP1/2 $630
51300-AP1-000 Stabilizer FRONT (R) AP1 $459
51350-AP1-001 Suspension Arm Comp (R) AP1 $2,871
51350-AP1-002 Suspension Bush Set (R) AP1 $895
51350-DC2-001 Suspension Arm Comp (R) DC2 $1,914
51350-EK9-001 Suspension Arm Comp (R) EK9 $2,153
51391-DCA-G01 Lower Arm Bush Set (R) DC B/EG $112
51391-EKA-G01 Lower Arm Bush Set (R) EKA $112
51400-08K Straight Spring 8kg/mm (R) $87
51400-10K Straight Spring 10kg/mm (R) $87
51400-12K Straight Spring 12kg/mm (R) $87
51400-14K Straight Spring 14kg/mm (R) $87
51400-16K Straight Spring 16K/mm $87
51400-18K Straight Spring 18kg/mm (R) $87
51400-20K Straight Spring 20kg/mm $87
51400-22K Straight Spring 22kg/mm (R) $87
51400-24K Straight Spring 24kg/mm (R) $87
51400-65-12K Straight Spring Full Spec 12 $123
51400-65-14K Straight Spring Full Spec 14 $123
51400-65-16K Straight Spring Full Spec 16 $123
51400-65-18K Straight Spring Full Spec 18 $123
51400-65-20K Straight Spring Full Spec 20 $123
51400-AP1-001 Progressive Spring (S) AP1 $383
51400-CL7-001 Progressive Spring (S) CL7 $383
51400-DC5-001 Progressive Spring (S) DC5 '02-'04 $383
51400-DC5-011 Progressive Spring (S) DC5 '05-'06 $383
51400-DCR-001 Progressive Spring (S) DCR $383
51400-EGA-001 Progressive Spring (S) EGA $383
51400-EKA-001 Progressive Spring (S) EKA $383
51400-EP3-001 Progressive Spring (S) EP3 $383
51400-FD2-001 Progressive Spring (S) FD2 $499
51400-GDA-001 Progressive Springs (S)GD1/3/3MT $311
51400-KBI-001 Progressive Spring (S)LEGEND (RL) $499
51450-CL7-010 Adj. Fr. Upper Arm SET EURO R $735
51600-AP1-000 Damper Kit Fix Type (S) AP1 $1,026
51600-AP1-G20 Damper Kit Full Spec 14/12kg AP1/2 $3,150
51600-CL7-G20 Damper Kit Full Spec 12/8kg CL7 $3,150
51600-DCR-000 Damper Kit Fix Type (S) DCR $892
51600-DCR-G20 Damper Kit Full Spec 18/16kg DCR $3,150
51600-EG6-000 Damper Kit Fix Type (S) EG6 $892
51600-EK9-000 Damper Kit Fix Type (S) EK9 $892
51600-EK9-G20 Damper Kit Full Spec 18/16kg EK9 $3,150
51600-FD2-G20 Damper Kit Full Spec 9/7kg FD2 $3,150
51600-GDA-000 Damper Kit Fix Type (S) GDA AT $799
51600-GDA-020 Damper Kit Fix Type (S) GDA MT $945
51631-DCR-001 Urethane Bush Set DC/DB/EG/EK $112
51631-EFA-000 Urethane Bush Set (S) EFA $144
52220-AP1-000 Zero Bumper Steer BallJoint Rr AP1/2 $562
52220-AP1-010 Zero Bump Steer Kit Rr. AP1/2 $262
52300-AP1-000 Stabilizer REAR (R) AP1 $459
52360-CL7-000 ADJ. Rear Toe Control Arm Set CL7 $367
52390-CL7-000 ADJ. Rear Upper Arm Set CL7 $367
53438-AP1-000 Zero Bump Steer Kit Fr. AP1/2 $197
54100-CL7-000 Change Lever (S) CL7 $315
54201-DCR-G00 Change Rod (S) DCR $184
54201-EG6-G00 Change Rod (S) EG6 $184
54201-EK9-G00 Change Rod (S) EK9 $184
54300-B16-000 Shift Linkage Bush Kit (S) $184
60100-AP1-000 S-Tai Bonnet CALL FOR PRICING
60100-AP1-S01 Eng. Fresh Air Duct AP1/2 $535
60100-CL7-000 Carbon Bonnet (R) CL7 $1,307
60100-DC5-000 Carbon Bonnet (R) DC5 $1,307
60100-DCR-000 Carbon Bonnet (R) DCR $1,307
60100-EGA-000 Carbon Bonnet (R) EGA $1,307
60100-EKA-000 Carbon Bonnet (R) EKA 96-98 $1,307
60100-EKA-001 Carbon Bonnet (R) EKA 99-00 $1,307
60100-FD2-001 Carbon Bonnet (R) FD2 $1,307
60100-GDA-000 Carbon Bonnet (R) GD1/3/3MT $1,307
60200-AP1-000 Fender Front (FRP) AP1/2 CALL FOR PRICING
60600-FD2-000 Side Gusset Plate FD2 $236
60815-AP1-000 Gusset Plate Set AP1 $699
60815-AP1-010 Gusset Plate Set AP2 $699
63000-AP1-000 Fender FRP AP1/2 CALL FOR PRICING
68500-FD2-010 Carbon Trunk Lid (S) FD2 CALL FOR PRICING
68800-CL7-010 Trunk Spoiler (S) CL7 $475
68800-EGA-000 Carbon Roof Spoiler (R) EGA $499
68800-EKA-000 Carbon Roof Spoiler (R) EKA $499
68800-GDA-000 Carbon Roof Spoiler (R) GDA $499
6900-AP1-000 Coupe (FRP) AP1 $4,990
70020-AP1-001 7P Roll Cage (R) AP1/2 $1,680
70020-AP1-010 4P Roll Cage (S) AP1/2 $945
70020--DC5-001 7P Roll Cage DC5 $1,531
70200-GD3-001 6P Roll Cage FIT $1,286
71101-AP1-000 S-Tai Bumper (F) AP1/2 $2,300
71101-AP1-S01 Front Grille for S-Tai Front Bumper AP1/2 $199
71101-CL7-000 S-Tai Bumper (F) CL7 $1,289
71101-FD2-000 S-Tai Bumper (F) FD2 $1,289
71110-DCR-000 Carbon Lip Spoiler (R) DCR $599
71110-EGA-000 Carbon Lip Spoiler (R) EGA $599
71110-EKA-000 Carbon Lip Spoiler (R) EKA $599
71110-GD3-000 Carbon Lip Spoiler (R) GD1/3 $450
71411-CL7-000 S-Tai Under Panel FRP (F) CL7 $369
71501-AP1-000 S-Tai Bumper (R) AP1/2 $1,510
71502-AP1-000 S-Tai Diffuser (R) Carbon $990
74300-AP1-000 Strut Tower Bar FRONT(S) AP1/2 $220
74300-BB6-000 Strut Tower Bar FRONT Prelude $220
74300-CL7-000 Strut Tower Bar FRONT (S) CL7 $220
74300-DC5-000 Strut Tower Bar FRONT (S) DC5 $220
74300-EGA-000 Strut Tower Bar FRONT (S) EGA $220
74300-GDA-000 Strut Tower Bar FRONT (S) GDA $164
74310-DAA-000 Strut Tower Bar REAR (S) DAA $193
74310-DC5-000 Strut Tower Bar REAR (S) DC5 $193
74310-EGA-000 Strut Tower Bar REAR (S) EGA $193
74350-DC5-000 Lower Arm Bar FRONT (S)DC5/EP3 $164
74350-EGA-000 Lower Arm Bar FRONT (S) EGA $164
74350-GDA-000 Lower Arm Bar Front GD1/3/3MT $164
74351-DC5-000 Lower Arm Bar REAR (S) DC5 EP3 $164
74351-EGA-000 Lower Arm Bar REAR (S)EG/DC/DB $164
74351-EKA-000 Lower Arm Bar REAR (S) EKA $164
74717-AP1-000 Traction Hook (R) AP1/2 $262
76200-DC2-001 Carbon Racing Mirror (R) DC2 $420
76200-DC5-001 Carbon Racing Mirror (R) DC5 $420
76200-EG6-001 Carbon Racing Mirror (R) EG6 $420
76200-EK4-000 Carbon Racing Mirror (R) EK4 $420
76203-AP1-020 Hydro-Blue Wide Mirror (S) AP1 $197
76203-DC5-020 Hydro-Blue Wide Mirror (S) DC5 $197
76203-EK9-020 Hydro-Blue Wide Mirror (S) EK9 $197
76203-EP3-020 Hydro-Blue Wide Mirror (S) EP3 $197
76203-FD2-020 Hydro-Blue Wide Mirror (S) FD2 $197
76203-GDA-020 Hydro-Blue WideMirror (S)GD1/3 $197
76203-GDA-021 Hydro-Blue WideMirror GD1/3MT $197
76620-AP1-000 Sports Wiper Blade Set AP1/2 $120
76620-DC2-000 Sports Wiper Blade Set (S) DC2 $120
76620-DC5-000 Sports Wiper Blade Set (S) DC5 $120
76620-EK9-000 Sports Wiper Blade Set (S) EK9 $120
76620-GD3-000 Sports Wiper Blade Set (S) GD3 $120
78512-AP1-000 Steering Boss (S) AP1/2 DC5 EG6/9 EK9(srs) EP3 CL7 GD3MT $158
78512-DCA-000 Steering Boss (S) DC2 $118
78512-DCA-001 Steering Boss (S) DCA(SRS) $158
78512-EKA-000 Steering Boss (S) EKA $118
78512-FD2-000 Steering Boss (S) FD2 $158
81200-CL7-002 Low Position Seat Slider(R)CL7 $289
81200-CL7-003 Low Position SeatSlider(L) CL7 $289
81200-DC5-002 Low Position Seat Slider(R)DC5 $289
81200-DC5-003 Low Position SeatSlider(L) DC5 $289
81200-DCA-002 Low Position Seat Slider(R)DCA $164
81200-DCA-003 Low Position Seat Slider(L)DCA $164
81200-EK9-002 Low Position SeatSlider(R) EK9 $164
81200-EK9-003 Low Position SeatSlider(L) EK9 $164
81200-EP3-002 Low Position Seat Slider(S)EP3 $289
81200-EP3-003 Low Position Seat Slider(S)EP3 $289
81200-GD3-010 Low Position Seat Slider(R)GDA $236
81200-GD3-011 Low Position Seat Slider(L)GDA $236
84112-FD2-000 GT Wing Kit (Carbon) FD2 $1,950
90101-EGA-000 Lip Spoiler Bolt Set (R) EGA $29
90113-EK9-000 Long Hub Bolt+10mm $10
98079-16B-G24 Racing Plug (No. 24) $32
ALL-08C01-000 Cool Coolant $49
ALL-11200-000 Heat Barrier Tape (S) $26
ALL-15610-000 Oil Filler Cap (S) $89
ALL-19045-000 Radiator Cap Type D (S) $38
ALL-19045-001 Radiator Cap Type F (S) $38
ALL-54102-000 Shift Knob ALUMINUM (S) $62
ALL-54102-001 Shift Knob DURACON (S) $62
ALL-54102-010 Shift Knob AT Alumi. $62
ALL-54102-011 Shift Knob AT Duracon $62
ALL-54102-021 TitaniumShiftKnob S1-M8 P1.25 $145
ALL-54102-022 TitaniumShiftKnob S2-M10 P1.25 $145
ALL-54102-024 TitaniumShiftKnob S4-M12 P1.25 $145
ALL-74171-000 Radiator Stay WHITE (S) $26
ALL-74171-001 Radiator Stay BLACK (S) $26
ALL-78500-000 Steering (S) $472
ALL-81100-000 Carbon Bucket Seat (S) $1,810
ALL-81100-010 Reclining Bucket Seat (S) $799
ALL-90000-000 Window Sticker (R) $67
ALL-90000-B00 Sticker BLACK 200/100mm (S) $13
ALL-90000-B01 Sticker BLACK 300mm (S) $20
ALL-90000-B02 Sticker BLACK 800mm (S) $39
ALL-90000-T00 Mark Sticker (S) $18
ALL-90000-W00 Sticker WHITE 200/100mm (S) $13
ALL-90000-W01 Sticker WHITE 300mm (S) $20
ALL-90000-W02 Sticker WHITE 800mm (S) $39
ALL-90009-000 Magnetic Drain Bolt Set (S) $48
ALL-90009-001 Magnetic Drain Bolt (S) Eng. $25
ALL-90009-002 Magnetic Drain Bolt (S) T/M $25
ALL-90304-000 Wheel Nut BLUE (S) $9
ALL-90304-001 Wheel Nut RED (S) $9
AP1LSDCASEFIN Fins- LSD Case AP1 (11pcs.) $186
BTI-06016-000 Titanium Bolt ALL MODEL $10
ORG-90000-001 Reservoir Tank Cover BLUE $15
SPP-18030-000 Sub Silencer 65mm All Models $65
SPP-18030-020 Sub Silencer 75mm FD2 only $86
SPP-19010-000 O-Ring Drain Plug for Alum. Rad. $7
SPP-50250-AP1 Repair Bolt Set Fr. AP1/2 $42
SPP-50400-AP1 Repair Bolt Set Rr. AP1/2 $42
SPP-51220-CL7 Tool Zero Bump Steer Kit CL7 $52
SPP-51220-DC5 Tool Zero Bump Steer Kit DC5 $52
SPP-51220-EK9 Tool Zero Bump Steer Kit $52
SPP-74300-EP3 Front Tower Bar Kit $196
SPP-74350-DC5 Repair Stay Set Fr. DC5/EP3 $59
SPP-74350-EGA Repair Stay Set Fr. EG/DC/EK $59
SPP-74351-DC5 Repair Stay Set Rr. DC5/EP3 $59
SPP-74351-EGA Repair Stay Set Rr. EG/DC/EK $59
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