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Since our inception more than 30 years ago, HRE Performance Wheels has been focused on creating the ultimate balance of performance and style. We decided long ago that to produce the best wheels in the world, we needed to control everything from engineering to manufacturing in-house. At HRE, we use only the highest quality components and hand-craft every wheel to TUV Verified Quality standards. Every HRE wheel is created to provide a lifetime of performance and enjoyment.


At HRE, we are invariably committed to engineering and manufacturing the highest quality custom wheels in the world. In line with our commitment to quality, HRE utilizes specialized in-house resources to offer a wide array of personalization options that allow you to customize your wheels to reflect your own personal style.

As unique as your vehicle

·       Personalized, Precision Fitments — HRE personally measures vehicle tolerances to tailor fitments that meet your unique needs taking into consideration brake clearance, suspension and tires.

·       Built-to-Order — Each order is manufactured to your unique requirements in HRE’s facility using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods which have earned TUV Quality verification.

·      Personal Style — Customize your wheels even further by choosing from a wide variety of finishes and cap options.


HRE’s pursuit of excellence adheres to four unyielding principles: Performance, World-Class Quality, Precision Engineering and Incomparable Style. HRE wheels are the finest in the world as a result of our passion for the world’s finest vehicles and relentless motivation to continuously lead the wheel industry as an innovator and premium manufacturer of custom forged wheels.


An intense passion for improving on the world's finest vehicles is the driving force behind every HRE wheel. For more than 30 years, HRE has been dedicated to achieving the pinnacle in style and performance. As an automotive enthusiast and owner of a world-class vehicle, you share our passion. HRE empowers you to achieve the unique combination of performance and personalization, thereby joining an elite collection of discerning enthusiasts.

The aspiration to be the best is not easily fulfilled. HRE pursues this mantra through a combination of efforts. You already know that not all vehicles have the same pedigree – learn why the same applies to wheels and the meaning of "Exclusively HRE".


Engineering & Design

HRE wheels are as technically precise as they are beautiful. Our engineering team not only believes that form follows function but that the finest engineering is at the heart of creating the world's most beautiful wheels. This is why every HRE wheel elevates the performance AND style of the world's most exclusive vehicles.

    * Every design is created utilizing state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize the wheel's strength-to-weight ratio improving your vehicle's acceleration, braking and handling
    * To achieve superior performance, optimizing the strength-to-weight ratio isn't enough; minimizing unsprung mass and rotational inertia is critical. HRE achieves this through design details such as weight-lightening pockets throughout the wheel; I-beam spoke geometry and function-specific materials.
    * Precision fitments are not a luxury, they are a necessity. HRE engineers personally measure all of the world’s finest vehicles to create fitments that meet your needs whether you have a stock set-up or custom brake and suspension upgrades. All HRE wheels are designed and manufactured to fit your vehicle perfectly without requiring spacers or hub rings.
    * HRE wheels are engineered to meet or exceed TUV, JWL and SAE standards. Additionally certified third-party testing is contracted to validate and certify that these designs meet these strict standards.


HRE empowers you to make a personal statement in style by offering a variety of finishing touches. In a world of standardization, HRE allows you to reach the pinnacle in quality and choice. It begins with your call to explore which HRE wheel is perfect for you and culminates with the experience of seeing the finished product on your vehicle.

    * A unique selection of high quality finishes puts you in control to personalize your vehicle.
    * Custom, precision fitments are specified to meet your individual needs whether they be stylistically driven or required to accommodate brake and suspension upgrades.
    * Each set of wheels is built-to-order once you choose the style, fitment and finish that fulfill your aspirations.


The world's finest vehicles deserve the world's finest wheels. HRE believes that the only way to achieve excellence is by controlling every aspect of the manufacturing process. Simply manufacturing elegant wheel designs is not enough – excellence can only be attained by an intense dedication to quality every day on every wheel.

    * Forged, heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum alloy is used in every HRE wheel to achieve the utmost in strength-to-weight ratios.
    * Skilled CNC operators machine each wheel to exacting tolerances to fit your vehicle perfectly.
    * Hand finishing achieves aesthetic beauty and ensures exacting tolerances.
    * Premium powder coat and chrome finishes are CASS tested (a precise measurement of corrosion resistance) before they are ever placed on an HRE wheel to provide you a long-lasting, elegant way to personalize your choice.
    * Each wheel is hand assembled to achieve consistent, world-class quality.
    * HRE's industry-leading concentricity standards improve your vehicle's performance and comfort.
    * Titanium and Stainless Steel fasteners are used to achieve the optimum in strength and corrosion resistance.


Commitment is a lifelong pursuit. At HRE, commitment culminates in the successful marriage of our passion and your aspiration. Quality cannot be achieved without dedication. Every HRE wheel is individually inspected throughout the manufacturing process to ensure it will exceed your expectations.

HRE invests in the highest caliber manufacturing equipment and methods to continuously achieve superior quality.

Dedicated customer support before and after your purchase is at the heart of creating a superior experience for you.

    * Wheel experts are available to understand your needs and guide you through the purchase process.
    * HRE distribution partners are trained to assist you and install your wheels.
    * The HRE service department is available to support you once a set of HRE wheels has been installed on your vehicle.
    * HRE offers complete restoration services to meet your needs into the future.

HRE backs up our commitment to you with industry leading warranty coverage: lifetime structural / 2 year finish.



Quality materials and components are the foundation of every HRE wheel. Our in-house engineers specify materials that meet stringent quality requirements and achieve the performance attributes befitting the world's finest vehicles.

·       Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum — An HRE wheel begins life as high quality 7" diameter 6061-T6 aluminum billet rod. The billet rod is heated and placed into a precision die where it is forged using millions of psi of pressure into a raw forging as specified by HRE’s engineers. The result of the forging process is aluminum with a refined crystalline structure whose grain direction is aligned with the primary load direction of the wheel spokes. The processed forging is then precipitation heat-treated to a T6 temper to achieve the perfect blend of strength and ductility. Typically high quality forgings such as these are only found in aerospace applications or high load automotive applications such as performance pistons and connecting rods. These high strength 6061-T6 forgings are the foundation of HRE wheels. HRE’s partner for supplying forgings is Aluminum Precision Products who is the highest quality forging supplier to the automotive market in the United States and who caters primarily to the aerospace market. This type of high quality partner is critical to HRE as the forging is the foundation of all of our wheels and therefore they must be held to the highest standards.

·       Casting vs. Forging — In comparison to forgings, castings are made by pouring molten aluminum into a mold and have considerably lower strength, ductility, and fatigue resistance. Besides not having the specific strength (strength-to-weight ratio) of forged aluminum, castings often suffer from defects in the form of voids or porosity. The main trait of castings are their low cost and ability to be produced in high volumes but at the expense of strength and weight. In order to maximize the performance of the wheel HRE uses forgings and not castings to produce its wheels. At HRE, we don't believe in compromising performance and quality for a few dollars.

·       Spinning/Flow Forming — 3-piece Spun Rim: A 3-piece rim half begins life as a large aluminum sheet which is formed using a CNC spinning lathe. The forming (or spinning) process imparts considerable energy into the aluminum, further refining and orienting the crystalline grain structure in a manner similar to forging. After subsequent heat-treatment processes to achieve a T6 temper, CNC technology is used to machine the inner diameter of the rim half and the assembly holes so that it precisely mates with the forged center – this is a critical step because the quality of these machine steps relate directly to the final wheel's concentricity. The end result is a highly concentric rim half with the strength properties required to be resistant to the impact and fatigue demands of an HRE 3-piece wheel. Monoblok Flow-Formed Rims: Similarly, HRE’s Monoblok wheels have rim barrels that are also spun. The main difference between a spun 3-piece rim half and a spun Monoblok rim barrel is that the Monoblok rim is spun from a solid forging instead of sheet, but the changes to the grain structure and the process are extremely similar as are the advantages. This process of spinning from a solid is typically called flow-forming. Once flow-formed, the rims of a Monoblok are then CNC machined along with the spoke profile of the wheel, resulting in a very precise and concentric 1-piece forged blank from which the spoke design is later machined.

·       High Strength Fasteners — A key component often overlooked in the construction of 3-piece wheels are the fasteners. Being structural components, they are crucial in terms of safety and are far from simply being a decorative item. The 3-piece platform places extremely high stresses and fatigue loads on the fasteners. As a result, HRE's fasteners are designed to stringent specifications to attain high strength and fatigue resistance. Stainless Steel Fasteners: The majority of HRE wheels use high-strength stainless steel fasteners supplied by Automotive Racing Products, the leading supplier to Formula 1 and other forms of professional racing. Using the highest quality engineering and manufacturing methods, ARP creates custom fasteners for HRE that are designed to meet stringent strength, fatigue and corrosion specifications. Due to the high quality nature of these fasteners, they are 4 times as expensive as the chromed steel fasteners used in most wheels, but this is an example of how HRE is unwilling to compromise quality for cost savings. Titanium Fasteners: Taking it even a step further, HRE's Competition Series uses a Titanium fastener that not only satisfies stringent strength, fatigue and corrosion specifications, but also decreases mass thereby reducing unsprung weight and minimizing rotational inertia. HRE's source for these highly specialized fasteners is ALCOA of Germany, the primary supplier of Titanium fasteners for the new Airbus A380. Due to the extreme nature of our application, these fasteners were custom designed for the Competition Series and are 20 times as expensive as standard chrome steel fasteners. This is an even greater example of HRE’s unwillingness to compromise quality for cost savings. These fasteners are the only components of an HRE 3-piece wheel that are sourced outside the United States.



While high-quality materials provide the canvas, engineering is at the core of the beauty, performance and craftsmanship of an HRE forged wheel. Engineering drives the design and style of every wheel – at HRE, we don't simply "draw and cut." Every detail, every feature, seen or unseen, has a specific purpose: Increasing strength and fatigue resistance, reducing unsprung mass and minimizing rotational inertia to name a few. The unique thing about an HRE wheel is that style and engineering evolve in concert, one is not compromised for the other.


·       Strength — At HRE, we understand that while style is why you may buy a wheel, performance and quality are what keep you coming back. Strength, fatigue resistance, stiffness and impact resistance are qualities that drive an HRE wheel's design. Strength and fatigue resistance are critical to ensure an HRE wheel lasts the lifetime of your vehicle. To achieve this, HRE designs all of its wheels to pass stringent TUV test specifications. HRE is capable of accomplishing the seemingly conflicting goals of style and performance by allowing the engineering to drive the design in the belief that the finest wheel styles will result from the finest engineering and using only the best materials. The result? Wheels that perform as well as they look.

·       Unsprung Mass — The unsprung mass of a vehicle primarily consists of the wheel/tire/brake system and is essentially any mass not supported by the suspension of the vehicle. In order to maximize vehicle performance, the goal is to always minimize the unsprung mass. This means that wheels need to be as light as possible and by minimizing the mass of a wheel it improves the handling and ride comfort as it minimizes the forces exerted on the vehicle chassis. This is accomplished at HRE by using high strength forged 6061-T6 forgings and backing that up with rigorous engineering aimed at minimizing the mass while maximizing the strength, stiffness and fatigue life.

·       Rotational Inertia — The effect rotational inertia has on acceleration and deceleration is best illustrated by the “ice skater example”. When an ice skater is spinning with their arms outstretched and then brings their arms in closer to their body, this reduces their rotational inertia by redistributing their mass closer to their axis of rotation and allows the skater to spin faster without adding any extra energy. The effect of reducing a wheel’s rotational inertia is that less energy is required to accelerate and decelerate the wheel, leaving more of the available energy to accelerate and decelerate the actual vehicle. HRE uses a number of strategies to reduce the rotational inertia of our wheels including I-beam geometry, weight lightening pockets and low weight materials such as titanium assembly fasteners.

·       Finite Element Analysis — Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is an advanced computer analysis tool that allows our engineers to accurately analyze the strength and stiffness of our wheels in the virtual world before they are ever install it on your vehicle. Every wheel undergoes countless hours of FEA as we meticulously fine tune the design to meet the required strength, fatigue and stiffness requirements while minimizing mass and rotational inertia. We often deal in increments of 0.25mm or 1/10 of a degree when fine tuning designs and all of this occurs before a single prototype is ever cut.

·       Independent Testing — Intense engineering using FEA provides the foundation for creating exceptional wheels. To validate the engineering design it is essential to use actual testing and is the reason why HRE wheels are tested to meet or exceed TUV, SAE and JWL standards for strength, fatigue and impact resistance.

·       Vehicle Fitments — Achieving a lifetime of superior performance doesn't happen by chance. Every fitment must be matched perfectly to each vehicle and account for custom upgrades made by the vehicle owner. HRE engineers maintain a database of fitment data that is created by personally measuring of the world's finest vehicles. Our engineers also work closely with brake and suspension companies to ensure that we create perfect fitments, every time. The database HRE maintains and the resulting flexibility for custom applications we provide is unmatched in the industry.



The culmination of selecting the best materials and our engineering efforts occurs when we actually build you a set of wheels. HRE believes that the only way to ensure perfect quality every time is to control every aspect of the manufacturing process. Quality is the result of a relentless focus on using the best technology, employing sound manufacturing processes and holding ourselves to the highest standard.


·       CNC Machining — Computer Numerical Control or CNC technology is used for all of HRE’s machining operations. In-house CNC lathes and mills precisely machine every raw forging into a new HRE wheel design. HRE’s skilled machinists use the latest Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software to translate each design’s solid 3D computer model into a wheel that precisely matches the design created by our engineering team.

·       Built to Order — One of the hallmarks of HRE's reputation is our ability to provide custom fitments and finishes. We accomplish this through our build-to-order model that starts with your call to an HRE representative and culminates with you driving away on a new set of HRE wheels. Every order is based on your requirements and personal taste. Each order that enters the production area has a production traveler which has the name of the customer and all of the information required to complete the manufacturing process. At HRE, we don't batch process or mass produce; every order receives personal attention throughout the process. Every set of wheels, and in fact often every two wheels (fronts and rears) that proceed through HRE's production line are different than the next, yet the same style and specifications are immediately repeatable due to our extensive database of vehicle, wheel, and fitment data. This is a unique and difficult process to follow, but it ensures the utmost in customization and service.

·       Hand-Polishing — While HRE believes strongly in the benefits of technology, we also know that hand-built craftsmanship is required at specific production stops to achieve the highest level of quality. As a result, HRE wheels are polished by hand at our facility where we can tightly control the quality of each wheel. We strongly believe that the only way to accomplish consistent quality in such a detailed part is through the hands of skilled artisans. HRE polished and brushed finishes are famous for their attention to detail and refinement resulting from this hand-crafted approach. Every part, whether destined for chrome or paint, is hand prepared as we understand that this stage is critical to achieve the quality demanded of an HRE wheel.

·       Finishes — At HRE, we offer a wide selection of finish choices. We pride ourselves on offering personalized customization to our customers. Consistent with everything we do we only offer finishes of the highest quality. At HRE, all of our standard finishes use high quality powdercoat. This minimizes the paint peeling issues often associated with custom wheels. Our powdercoat clearcoat is the finest in the industry and will pass 1000 hrs of salt spray. After all of the hard work that goes into an HRE wheel, there can be no compromise on the finish. All of our standard powdercoats and clearcoat are applied in-house by HRE, allowing us to tightly control the quality and ensure short lead-times.

·       Hand-Assembly — Just as we believe hand finished wheels are critical to ensuring proper quality and delivering the craftsmanship demanded of an HRE wheel, we also believe hand assembly is the last and most vital step in the process. At HRE, each and every 3-piece wheel is hand-assembled. Each rim is checked for proper run-out to ensure concentricity. Each fastener is hand-torqued and each wheel is meticulously inspected to ensure proper specification are met and to ensure there are no visual flaws.

·       Commitment to Quality — As you can tell, we are fanatical about quality. Everything we do in the creation of a wheel is intended to produce the finest wheels in the world. To ensure that we achieve consistently high quality, we developed a formal quality control process that includes multiple inspection steps for each wheel. This commitment to quality is also evident in our commitment to pursue TUV status and certification of our wheels. HRE’s engineering, production and quality control processes were audited by German TUV officials and HRE was awarded TUV Verification status. Achieving this significant milestone allows us to send our wheels to Germany for certification and for legal sale in Germany and other EU countries where these high standards are required by law. We are so confident that we produce the best wheels in the world, that we back it up with the industry’s best warranty; 2 year finish and lifetime structural. Own a set of HRE wheels and you will quickly realize our commitment to the quality of our product and to you as the customer.

Every HRE wheel is custom manufactured to fit your unique performance or luxury vehicle. The result… the ultimate combination of style, strength and weight.


1.     990R / 940R
The reward for absolute commitment. Indulgence.
Exclusively for Luxury Sedans, Coupes & SUVs

•       Ultra Deep-Lip luxury-focused designs (intricate spoke contouring on 990R versions)

•       Personalized finishing touches to uniquely customize your world-class vehicle

•       Hand-built craftsmanship to exacting standards

•       Precision engineered specifically for your luxury vehicle

•       OE TPMS compatible

•       Materials:  Aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum and stainless steel fasteners

2.     790R
Elite lineage. Instantly recognizable.
Designed for Luxury/Sport GT Vehicles and Sedans

•       Modern ultra Deep-Lip designs befitting your world-class luxury vehicle

•       Personalized finishing touches achieving style that is uniquely yours

•       Hand-built craftsmanship to exacting standards

•       Precision engineered luxury styling with lightweight performance

•       OE TPMS compatible

•       Materials:  aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum and stainless steel fasteners

3.     890R / 590R
Legendary craftsmanship. Incomparable style.
Designed for Exclusive Sport/GT Vehicles

•       Elegant, Motorsport inspired styling (hidden-hardware on 890R versions)

•        I-beam spoke design embodying the marriage of refinement & performance

•       Individually handcrafted achieving world-class quality

•       Customized, precision fitments engineered for your vehicle

•       OE TPMS compatible

•       Materials:  aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum and stainless steel fasteners

4.     COMP
The track is calling you. Answer with conviction.
Designed for Track and Street Applications

•       Motorsport inspired styling and exceptional performance

•       Engineered to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia

•       Hand-built craftsmanship to exacting standards

•       Customized, precision fitments specifically for your vehicle

•       OE TPMS compatible

•       Materials:  Titanium fasteners and aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum

5.     560R / 560C
World-class engineering meets ground-breaking value.
Designed for Sport Coupes, Muscle Cars, and mid-line Sport Sedans

•       Motorsport inspired styling with hidden hardware

•       Engineered to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia

•       Hand-built craftsmanship, customized precision fitments

•       2 rim profile choices: “R” = straight-lip, “C” = stepped-lip

•       OE TPMS compatible

•       Materials: aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum and stainless steel fasteners
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