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2010 Nissan Nismo 370z
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Wolo Part Number Description 1214 14 amp Fuse Type 3AG 1115 15 ft. Hook-Up Wire 1202 2 amp Fuse Type 3AG 1220 20 amp Fuse Type 3AG 1225 25 amp Fuse Type 3AG 1203 3 amp Fuse Type 3AG 800-C AIR COMPRESSOR - Heavy Duty High Pressure Air 802-H AIR HOSE - 10 ft. - 1/4" Flexible Nylon High Pressure 415-DTK AIRSPLITTER - 2 Tone alternating / steady Two (2) durable 415-MC AIRSPLITTER - Two (2) Durable Metal Chrome Plated Horn 3100-A BEACON LIGHT AMBER - Dome style rotating warning 3105-B BEACON LIGHT BLUE - Dome style rotating warning light, 3800-A BEACON LIGHT PLUS AMBER LENS - Dome Style Rotating 3805-B BEACON LIGHT PLUS BLUE LENS - Dome Style Rotating 3810-R BEACON LIGHT PLUS RED LENS - Dome Style Rotating 3110-R BEACON LIGHT RED - Done style rotating warning light, 3300-A BRIGHT STAR AMBER - Powerful strobe warning light, 3305-B BRIGHT STAR BLUE - Powerful strobe warning light, 3310-R BRIGHT STAR RED - Powerful strobe warning light, 837 CANNON BALL EXPRESS EV12 838 CANNON BALL EXPRESS EV24 839 CANNON BALL EXPRESS LV 400-BC Chrome Trumpet Back Covers for Model 415 CCL-150 Coiled Cable Lock - 5ft. Long 403-C COMPACT CHROME PLATED COMPRESSOR 400-C COMPRESSOR - Universal Replacement Compressor, 402-C COMPRESSOR - Universal Replacement Compressor, FM-7 CYCLONE - 6-inch Heavy-duty All Metal Chrome Plated FM-6 DELUXE FAN- 6 Inch. Oscillating Fan with Metal Chrome DS Door Switch with Wire Connectors, 2 per card EE100 ELECTRONIC HORN - Electronic Horn Designed for Heavy 3200-A EMERGENCY 1 SERIES AMBER - Teardrop style 3205-B EMERGENCY 1 SERIES BLUE - Teardrop style 3210-R EMERGENCY 1 SERIES RED - Teardrop style LS Extra Long Door Switch with Wire Connectors 385-2T FULL BLAST- Extra Loud High Tone, Universal 380-2T FULL BLAST- Extra Loud Low Tone, Universal 1103 Fuse Holder with 14 amp Fuse 1102 Fuse Holder with 20 amp Fuse. 3000-A HAWKEYE 1 AMBER LENS- LED Technology, 3005-B HAWKEYE 2 BLUE LENS- LED Technology, 3010-R HAWKEYE 3 RED LENS- LED Technology, 3015-BR HAWKEYE 4 CLEAR LENS - BLUE & RED BA-97 Heavy Duty Back Up Alarm 97 DB 12-24 Volts. BA-107 Heavy Duty Back-Up Alarm 107DB,12-48 Volts, OSHA Approved BA-87 Heavy Duty Back-Up Alarm 87DB,12-48 Volts. OSHA Approved 808-C HIGH OUTPUT COMPRESSOR - Universal Replacement 1160 HOOD & TRUNK LIGHT - Heavy Duty Work Light with Lens Deluxe 1100 Horn & Alarm Relay - Metal Case HS-1 HORN BUTTON SWITCH - Metal Chrome Finish HS-2 HORN SWITCH & WIRE HOOK-UP KIT - Horn 5150 ILLUME 1 - Halogen Work Light 150 Watts / 110 Volt Hanger 5500 ILLUME 2 - Halogen Work Light 500 Watts / 110 Volt Rubber Hand 1336 INTERIOR BULBS - 10 Watt 13mm x 36mm 1341 INTERIOR BULBS - 15 Watt 13mm x 41mm 1328 INTERIOR BULBS - 3 Watt 11mm x 28mm 1331 INTERIOR BULBS - 5 Watt 11mm x 31mm 3900-A LIGHTNING BRIGHT AMBER LENS - Permanent Mount 801-FV MANUAL FOOT PEDAL VALVE - Permits Horn to 1112 Mercury Switch MM II MIGHTY MO MOTOR SIREN A-50 Mini Round Key Lock 1/2" Mounting Hole 003 MUSIC TIME - Dixie / On the Road Again 002 MUSIC TIME - La Cucaracha / Mexican Hat Dance 001 MUSIC TIME - Wedding March / Hava Naglia 1124 One-Way Security Screws FM-5 PLUG-IN FAN - 5-inch Plastic Plug-in Fan 3600-A POWER BEAM AMBER LENS - Permanent Mount 3605-B POWER BEAM BLUE LENS - Permanent Mount 3610-R POWER BEAM RED LENS - Permanent Mount 47S POWERFUL MINI SIREN 3500M-A PRIORITY 1 AMBER LENS - Magnet Mount Commercial 3500P-A PRIORITY 1 AMBER LENS - Permanent Mount Commercial 3505M-B PRIORITY 1 BLUE LENS - Magnet Mount Commercial 3505P-B PRIORITY 1 BLUE LENS - Permanent Mount Commercial 3510M-R PRIORITY 1 RED LENS - Magnet Mount Commercial 3510P-R PRIORITY 1 RED LENS - Permanent Mount Commercial 3700M-A PRIORITY 2 AMBER LENS - Magnet Mount Commercial 3700P-A PRIORITY 2 AMBER LENS - Permanent Mount Commercial 3705M-B PRIORITY 2 BLUE LENS - Magnet Mount Commercial 3705P-B PRIORITY 2 BLUE LENS - Permanent Mount Commercial 3710M-R PRIORITY 2 RED LENS - Magnet Mount Commercial 3710P-R PRIORITY 2 RED LENS - Permanent Mount Commercial 375 RECORD-A-HORN - Record & Replay 30 Seconds of 1101 Relay - Plastic Case RB-1 Replacement Battery for Remote Control Alarm 410-C Replacement Compressor for Model 410 415-DTKC Replacement Compressor for Model 415-DTK 420-C Replacement Compressor for Model 420 425-C Replacement Compressor for Model 425 430-C Replacement Compressor for Model 430 435-C Replacement Compressor for Model 435 440-C Replacement Compressor for Model 440 445-C Replacement Compressor for Model 445 450-C Replacement Compressor for Model 450 3120 REPLACEMENT LENS KIT for BEACON LIGHT SERIES - 3220 REPLACEMENT LENS KIT for EMERGENCY 1 SERIES - 400-R Replacement Relay for all horn kits 806-RT REPLACEMENT TANK - Universal 2.5 liter Heavy-Duty Tank 807-RT REPLACEMENT TANK - Universal 3.5 liter Heavy-Duty Tank A-40 Round Key Lock 3415-R SAFETY FLASH RED - Personal LED Safety Warning Light LF-3M Same as LF-3 with Logic Module. 836 SILVER SREAK DD TL-101 Spare Tire Lock 1170 Starter Interrupt Kit 1121 Switch Brackets 1122 Toggle Switch TC-1 TRUCK LOCK PROTECTOR PLATE - Nickel chrome plated 840 TURBO COMPRESSOR & EXTEND TANK 1180 Vent Window Lock, Heavy Steel, Bright Finish V-111 VOLKSWAGEN REPLACEMENT HORN 400-WPC Weather Protection Covers for Air Horn Trumpets Plastic 1188 Window Decals UP-5 Windshield Washer Pump - Universal Replacement, 12-volt X-1010 XTREME AIR HORN - Blue X-1000 XTREME AIR HORN - Purple X-1015 XTREME AIR HORN - Red X-1005 XTREME AIR HORN - Yellow X-2010 XTREME ELECTRIC HORN- Blue X-2000 XTREME ELECTRIC HORN- Purple X-2015 XTREME ELECTRIC HORN- Red X-2005 XTREME ELECTRIC HORN- Yellow 625 6 TONE ALARM- Remote Controlled Alarm, with Built-in Motion 402 AIR MAX 403 AIR MAX CHROME - Two (2) Trumpet Plastic Air Horn 400 AIRMITE 2 415 AIRSPLITTER- Two (2) Durable Metal Chrome Plated Horns 470 ALMA LLANERA - 6 Trumpet, Alma Llanera Tune 345 ANIMAL HOUSE - 69 Sounds: 50 Musical Tunes, 10 Sirens 405 ARMITE 3 RL-1 AUTO BULBS- BLUE. Replaces all No. 1157 bulbs RL-2 AUTO BULBS- PURPLE. Replaces all No. 1157 bulbs RL-3 AUTO BULBS- RED. Replaces all No. 1157 bulbs. RL-4 AUTO BULBS-GREEN. Replaces all No. 1157 bulbs 600 AUTO KEEPER ALARM- Keyless, One (1) Wire Hook-Up. 650 AUTO KEEPER PLUS ALARM BA-52 Back-Up Alarm with "Beep,Beep" sound. BA-64 Back-Up Alarm with Bird Chriping sound. 340 BULL HORN- Electric Horn, Bright Red, Sounds like a BG-1 BUMPER PROTECTOR- 2 Per Card, Size: 14 3/4" X 2" 203 Cable Lock with Ignition Cut-Off (3 1/2") for Vans 205 Cable Lock with Starter Cut-Off (5') Sub-Compact Vehicles. 207 Cable Lock with Starter Cut-Off (7') Full Size Vehicles 445 CALL TO THE POST- 4 Trumpet, Call to the Post Tune 455 CALVALARY CHARGE- 3 Trumpet, Calvalary Charge Tune 805 CHALLENGER 808 CHALLENGER DD 809 CHALLENGER EC 810 CHALLENGER EV 815 CHALLENGER LV 225-2T CHROME HORNS- Two (2) Universal Replacement Horns, BG-2 DELUXE BUMPER PROTECTOR 270-2T DELUXE DISC HORN 275-2T DELUXE DISC HORN GD-1 DICE THAT LITE GD-2 DICE THAT LITE GD-3 DICE THAT LITE GD-4 DICE THAT LITE 355 DING DONG CITY 430 DIXIELAND- 5 Trumpet, Dixieland Tune 804-EV ELECTRIC SOLENOID VALVE- Permits Horn to Operated 416 EURO HI/LO 435 EYES OF TEXAS- 4 Trumpet, Eyes of Texas Tune FL-115 FLUORESCENT INTERIOR LIGHT- FL-95 FLUORESCENT INTERIOR LIGHT- Clear Lens, 10" Long, 330 FUN HORN 825 GIANT - High Tone Roof Mount Air Horn, Chrome Plated, 820 GIANT - Low Tone Roof Mount Air Horn, Chrome Plated. FL-4 GO ANYWHERE LIGHT- Battery Powered (4AA batteries), 440 GODFATHER- 6 Trumpet, Godfather Tune 490 HANDY HORN - Hand held air horn- can be used for boating 495 HANDY HORN REFILL - 12 oz. Refill can of environmentally U-80 Hood or Truck Lock, Hardened Chain. 336 JUKE BOX 450 LA BAMBA- 5 Trumpet, La Bamba Tune 425 LA CUCARACHA- 5 Trumpet, La Cucaracha Tune 500 LAWMAN- Remote Control Alarm with Built-In Motion, Shock LTB-20 LIGHT TRIM BAR- 14 Inch, LED Decorative Light Bar, Amber LTB-10 LIGHT TRIM BAR- 14 Inch, LED Decorative Light Bar, Red Lens WB-30 LOCK- UP PLUS- Fits American and Foreign Cars. Extra WB-20 LOCK-UP- Fits American and Foregn Cars, Heavy-duty. 417 LONG HORN - Two (2) durable extra long plastic trumpets, 310 LOUD ONE- Universal Replacement Horn, One (1) Terminal 315 LOUD ONE- Universal Replacement Horn, One (1) Terminal 310-2T LOUD ONE- Universal Replacement Horn, Two (2) Terminal 315-2T LOUD ONE- Universal Replacement Horn, Two (2) Terminal 480 MACARENA - 5 Trumpet, Macarena Tune 803-LV Manual Lanyard Valve- Permits Horn to be Operated 320-2T MAXI SOUND- Two (2) Universal Replacement Horns, 325-2T MAXI SOUND- Two (2) Universal Replacement Horns, 260-2T MINI BUT LOUD- Disc Horn, Black Finish, Two (2) Terminal 250-2T MINI BUT LOUD- Disc Horn, Silver Finish, Two (2) Terminal MB-1 MOOD BULB KIT- BLUE MB-3 MOOD BULB KIT- PURPLE MB-2 MOOD BULB KIT- RED FL-1 MOOD LIGHT- Interior Light with Blue Lens, (2) Bulbs FL-3 MOOD LIGHT- Interior Light with Clear Lens and (2) Black Bulbs FL-2 MOOD LIGHT- Interior Light with Purple Lens, (2) Bulbs NL-15 NEON BLACK LIGHT LF-4 NIGHT LIGHTER- Multi Color Lights with Black Smoke Lens LF-1 NIGHT LIGHTER- Multi Color Lights, with White Lens LF-3 NIGHT LIGHTER- Safety Red Lights with White Lens 475 OH SUSANNA - 5 Trumpet, Oh Susanna Tune RP-100 Pitch & Roll Meter- picture of Bronco/Blazer on Dials RP-200 Pitch & Roll Meter- picture of Jeep on Dials. RP-300 Pitch & Roll Meter- Wood Grain for 4 X 4 418 POWERHOUSE- Chrome plated dual trumpets, with 370 ROAD BEEP BEEP STL-4 SCREW LIGHT BLACK STL-1 SCREW LIGHT BLUE STL-5 SCREW LIGHT CHROME STL-2 SCREW LIGHT GOLD STL-3 SCREW LIGHT RED WB-50 SHIFTLOC- Locks shift lever and hand brake on vehicle with 835 SILVER STREAK 485 STAR TREK - 6 Trumpet, Star Trek Tune DLP-2 Steel Door Lock Protector Plate, Bright Chrome Finish. DLP-3 Steel Door Lock Protector Plate, Gold Finish. DLP-1 Steel Door Lock Protector Plate, Painted Black DLP-4 Steel Door Lock Protector Plate, Painted Black SVB-100 SUN SHIELD - Blue vinyl sunshade, one (1) piece in plastic SVG-175 SUN SHIELD - Gold vinyl sunshade, one (1) piece in plastic SVR-125 SUN SHIELD - Red vinyl sunshade, one (1) piece in plastic SVS-200 SUN SHIELD - Silver vinyl sunshade, extra large one (1) piece SVS-150 SUN SHIELD - Silver vinyl sunshade, one (1) piece in plastic 306-2T SUPER HORN- Two (2) Powerful Disc Horns (Bosch Type) BA-70 Talking Back-up Alarm ( English). BA-80 Talking Back-up Alarm ( Spanish). 460 TEQUILA- 4 Trumpet, Tequila Tune WB-60 THE ANSWER- Heavy Duty Hardened Steel, Secures to Steering 365 THE ENFORCER Siren & Air Horn Sounds 800 TIGER TANK AND COMPRESSOR 360 TRAIN HORN- Three (3) Sounds: Roar of a Steam Engine, TC-5 Trunk Lock Protector Plate- Nickel Chrome Plated. TP-8 Trunk Lock Protector with Patented Hardened Rotating Lock WB-40 TURN STOP- Heavy duty protection, Double Lock, Mounts onto 200 TWIN POWER - ELECTRIC 465 VAMOS ALLA PLAYA - 4 Trumpet, Vamos Alla Playa Tune 420 WEDDING MARCH- 4 Trumpet, Wedding March Tune 410 WOBBLER 350 WOLF WHISTLE- Attention Getting Whistle Sound, Two (2)
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