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2010 Nissan Nismo 370z
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Veilside AE004-01 JZA80 SUPRA C-I FB 93-96 860.00 AE004-02 JZA80 SUPRA C-I FB 96.6+..features hole on the bumper 860.00 AE004-03 JZA80 C-I SS 610.00 AE004-04 JZA80 C-I RUW (minor modification required on 96+ application for side-marker lights) 290.00 AE004-05 JZA80 C-I RW (FRP) 610.00 AE004-06 JZA80 C-I RW (CF & FRP) 740.00 AE004-07 JZA80 SUPRA EYE-LINERS 80.00 AE005-01 JZA80 C-II FB 940.00 AE005-02 JZA80 C-II OF FRP 610.00 AE005-03 JZA80 C-II FRP HOOD 750.00 AE005-04 JZA80 C-II OF CF 1,000.00 AE005-05 JZA80 C-I Carbon Hood 980.00 AE006-01 JZA80 E-I FRONT LIP SPOILER 330.00 AE006-02 JZA80 E-I RW 420.00 AE007-01 JZS147 ARISTO K-I FB w/ fog lights 820.00 AE007-02 JZS147 ARISTO K-I SS 610.00 AE007-03 JZS147 ARISTO K-I RB.. 610.00 AE007-04 JZS147 ARISTO K-I RW 530.00 AE008-01 JZS161 ARISTO K-I FB 820.00 AE008-02 JZS161 ARISTO K-I SS 610.00 AE008-03 JZS161 ARISTO K-I RB 610.00 AE008-04 JZS161 ARISTO K-I RW 530.00 AE008-05 JZS161 ARISTO K-I HOOD (FRP)..Must relocate horn..Grill may need to be modified 880.00 AE020-01 300ZX EC-I FB .. 680.00 AE020-02 300ZX EC-I SS 2+2 ONLY 520.00 AE020-03 300ZX EC-I RHB 2+2 ONLY 420.00 AE020-04 300ZX EC-I RW 2+2 ONLY 420.00 AE023-01 300ZX C-I FB 2+2 & 2 seaters 680.00 AE023-02 300ZX C-I SS 2+2 520.00 AE023-03 300ZX C-I RHB 2+2 420.00 AE023-04 300ZX C-I RW 2+2 630.00 AE023-05 300ZX C-I SS 2-SEATER 520.00 AE023-06 300ZX C-I RHB 2-SEATER 420.00 AE023-07 300ZX C-I RW 2-SEATER 630.00 AE024-01 S14 SILVIA C-I FB (Before M/C) 630.00 AE024-02 S14 SILVIA C-I Grill (Before M/C) 180.00 AE024-03 S14 SILVIA C-I SS.. 520.00 AE024-04 S14 SILVIA C-I RUW (Before M/C) 290.00 AE024-05 S14 SILVIA C-I RW 530.00 AE025-01 S14 SILVIA C-I FB (After M/C)..requires before minor change turn signals 680.00 AE025-02 S14 SILVIA C-I RUW (After M/C).. 290.00 AE025-03 S14 SILVIA C-II RW 610.00 AE026-01 S13 SILVIA C-I FB 550.00 AE027-01 S13 SILVIA E-I FHB 400.00 AE027-02 S13 SILVIA E-I SS 420.00 AE027-03 S13 SILVIA E-I RUW 290.00 AE027-04 S13 SILVIA E-I RW 420.00 AE028-01 180SX C-III FB 550.00 AE028-02 180SX C-III SS 460.00 AE028-03 180SX C-III RUW 290.00 AE028-04 180SX C-III RW 420.00 AE029-01 180SX E-II FRONT LIP 330.00 AE029-02 180SX E-II SS 420.00 AE029-03 180SX E-II RUW 290.00 AE029-04 180SX E-II RW 420.00 AE029-05 180SX E-II Mid WING 180.00 AE030-01 180SX E-I FRONT LIP 330.00 AE030-02 180SX E-I RW.. 330.00 AE031-01 FD3S C-I FB 750.00 AE031-02 FD3S C-I SS 610.00 AE031-03 FD3S C-I RUW 290.00 AE031-04 FD3S C-I RW (FRP) 610.00 AE031-05 FD3S C-I RW (CF) 740.00 AE032-01 ROADSTER C-I FB 550.00 AE032-02 ROADSTER C-I SS 420.00 AE032-03 ROADSTER C-I RHB 370.00 AE032-04 ROADSTER C-I RW 370.00 AE033-01 MR-2 C-I FB TYPE I-III 750.00 AE033-02 MR-2 C-I FB TYPE IV 750.00 AE033-03 MR-2 C-I SS 520.00 AE033-04 MR-2 C-I RB 550.00 AE033-05 MR-2 C-I RW TYPE I-II 610.00 AE033-06 MR-2 C-I RW TYPE III-IV 610.00 AE034-01 ST205 C-I FB.. 750.00 AE034-02 ST20# C-I SS 520.00 AE034-03 ST205 C-I RB 550.00 AE034-04 ST20# C-I RW 610.00 AE034-05 ST202 C-I FB 750.00 AE034-06 ST202 C-I RB 550.00 AE035-01 SC300/400 C-I FB 750.00 AE035-02 SC300/400 C-I SS 610.00 AE035-03 SC300/400 C-I RB 610.00 AE035-04 SC300/400 C-I RW 610.00 AE036-01 ECLIPSE EC-I FB 550.00 AE036-02 ECLIPSE EC-I SS 420.00 AE036-03 ECLIPSE EC-I RB 460.00 AE036-04 ECLIPSE EC-I RW 420.00 AE037-01 3000GT EC-I FB TYPE-I 820.00 AE037-02 3000GT EC-I FB TYPE-II.. 820.00 AE037-03 3000GT EC-I FB TYPE-III 820.00 AE037-04 3000GT EC-I SS 610.00 AE037-05 3000GT EC-I RB 610.00 AE037-06 3000GT EC-I RW (FRP) 610.00 AE037-07 3000GT EC-I RW (CF & FRP) 740.00 AE039-01 96-98 EK EC-I FB 550.00 AE039-02 96-01 EK EC-I SS 420.00 AE039-03 96-98 EK EC-I RB..hatchback only 460.00 AE039-04 96-98 EK EC-I RW..hatchback only 420.00 AE039-05 96-98 EK EC-I Hood (FRP) 550.00 AE039-06 96-98 EK EC-I EYE-LINE 80.00 AE039-07 96-98 EK EC-I Hood (Carbon) 780.00 AE040-01 92-95 EJ/EG EC-I FB 550.00 AE040-02 92-95 EJ/EG EC-I SS 420.00 AE040-03 92-95 EJ COUPE EC-I RB 460.00 AE040-04 92-95 EJ COUPE EC-1 RW 460.00 AE041-01 ACCORD WAGON EC-I FB TYPE-A (SPORT) 550.00 AE041-02 ACCORD WAGON EC-I FB TYPE-B (STREET) 550.00 AE041-03 ACCORD WAGON EC-I GRILL 180.00 AE041-04 ACCORD WAGON EC-I SS 420.00 AE041-05 ACCORD WAGON EC-I RUW 370.00 AE041-06 ACCORD WAGON EC-I RW 290.00 AE042-01 BMW Z3 EC-I FB 750.00 AE042-02 BMW Z3 EC-I SS + PANEL SET 550.00 AE042-03 BMW Z3 EC-I RB 550.00 AE042-04 BMW Z3 EC-I RW 460.00 AE043-01 964 PORCHE TURBO EC-I FB 940.00 AE043-02 964 PORCHE TURBO EC-I SS 610.00 AE043-03 964 PORCHE TURBO EC-I RB 610.00 AE043-04 964 PORCHE TURBO EC-I RW 1,000.00 AE044-01 JAGUAR XK-8 EC-I FB 860.00 AE044-02 JAGUAR XK-8 EC-I SS 610.00 AE044-03 JAGUAR XK-8 EC-I RB 610.00 AE044-04 JAGUAR XK-8 EC-I RW 530.00 AE048-01 S2000 MILLENIUM FB 680.00 AE048-02 S2000 MILLENIUM SS 520.00 AE048-03 S2000 MILLENIUM RB 550.00 AE048-04 S2000 MILLENIUM Hood (FRP) 750.00 AE048-05 S2000 MILLENIUM OF (FRP) 320.00 AE048-06 S2000 MILLENIUM TC 470.00 AE048-07 S2000 MILLENIUM LIP CF 220.00 AE048-08 S2000 Millenium Hood (carbon) 880.00 AE049-01 JAGUAR S-TYPE FHB 420.00 AE049-02 JAGUAR S-TYPE SS 610.00 AE049-03 JAGUAR S-TYPE RHB 420.00 AE049-04 JAGUAR S-TYPE RW 420.00 AE050-01 GT Wing Type-I (FRP) 590.00 AE050-02 GT Wing Type-I (CF) 740.00 AE050-03 GT Wing Flat Post 0.00 AE050-04 GT Wing Angled Post 0.00 AE050-05 GT Wing Post Low (angled only) 0.00 AE050-06 GT Wing Post DC5 0.00 AE050-07 GT Wing Post Tiburon 0.00 AE050-08 GT Wing Type-II (FRP) 590.00 AE050-08cf GT Wing Type-II (CF) 740.00 AE050-09 GT Wing Type-III (FRP) 670.00 AE050-10 GT Wing Type-III (CF) 870.00 AE0501-01 TIBURON KA01-R FB 630.00 AE0501-02 TIBURON KA01-R SS 520.00 AE0501-03 TIBURON KA01-R RB 550.00 AE0501-06 TIBURON KA01-R HOOD 670.00 AE0501-07 TIBURON KA01-R Mirrors 260.00 AE0501-08 Tiburon KA01-R Hood (carbon) 780.00 AE050-11 GT Wing Type-IV (CF) 800.00 AE050-12 GT Wing Type-IV (CK) 970.00 AE0502-01 2003 TIBURON FB 630.00 AE0502-02 2003 TIBURON SS 520.00 AE0502-03 2003 TIBURON RB 550.00 AE0502-04 2003 TIBURON RW (FRP) 610.00 AE0502-05 2003 TIBURON RW (FRP/CF) 740.00 AE0502-06 2003 TIBURON Eye-Liners 80.00 AE052-01 FD3S C-II FB w/ turn signals 750.00 AE052-02 FD3S C-II SS 610.00 AE052-03 FD3S C-II RUW 290.00 AE052-04 FD3S C-II OF 610.00 AE057-01 JZA80 SUPRA RB 610.00 AE057-02 JZA80 REAR GATE 2,000.00 AE058-01 ZZT231 CELICA EC-I FB 680.00 AE058-02 ZZT231 CELICA EC-I SS 520.00 AE058-03 ZZT231 CELICA EC-I RB 550.00 AE058-04 ZZT231 CELICA GT-WING (FRP) 490.00 AE058-05 ZZT231 CELICA GT-WING (CF) 630.00 AE059-01 GC8 IMPREZZA C-I FB w/ turn signals 680.00 AE059-02 GC8 IMPREZZA C-I SS 520.00 AE059-03 GC8 IMPREZZA C-I RB 550.00 AE059-04 GC8 IMPREZZA C-I RW 610.00 AE061-01 MR-Spyder Fortune 01 Kit 4,330.00 AE061-02 MR-Spyder Fortune 01 Hood 680.00 AE061-03 MR-Spyder Fortune 01 Hood (carbon) 780.00 AE062-01 300ZX C-II FB w/ turn signals 860.00 AE062-02 300ZX C-II SS 2+2 610.00 AE062-03 300ZX C-II RHB 2+2 420.00 AE062-04 300ZX C-II RW 2+2 420.00 AE062-05 300ZX C-II SS 2-S 610.00 AE062-06 300ZX C-II RHB 2-S 420.00 AE062-07 300ZX C-II RW 2-S 420.00 AE064-01 DC5 INTEGRA FB 630.00 AE064-02 DC5 INTEGRA SS 520.00 AE064-03 DC5 INTEGRA RB 550.00 AE064-04 DC5 INTEGRA GT Wing (FRP) 670.00 AE064-05 DC5 INTEGRA FRP HOOD 670.00 AE064-06 DC5 INTEGRA OF 550.00 AE064-07 DC5 INTEGRA GT Wing (CF) 870.00 AE064-08 DC5 INTEGRA Hood (Carbon) 780.00 AE067-01 JZS161 EXC Sports FB 860.00 AE067-02 JZS161 EXC Sports SS 610.00 AE067-03 JZS161 EXC Sports RB 610.00 AE067-04 JZS161 EXC Sports RW 450.00 AE067-05 JZS161 EXC Sports Grill 300.00 AE068-01 Z33 Ver.1 Front Lip Spoiler (FRP) 300.00 AE068-02 Z33 Ver.1 Front Lip Spoiler (CF) 480.00 AE068-03 Z33 Ver.1 Side Under Wing (FRP) 360.00 AE068-04 Z33 Ver.1 Side Under Wing (CF/FRP) 540.00 AE068-05 Z33 Ver.1 Rear Under Spoiler 300.00 AE068-06 Z33 Ver.1 Rear Wing (FRP) 780.00 AE068-07 Z33 Ver.1 Rear Wing (CF) 860.00 AE068-08 Z33 Ver.1 Side Under Wing (Full Carbon) 680.00 AE069-01 Z33 Ver.2 FB 820.00 AE069-02 Z33 Ver.2 SS 720.00 AE069-03 Z33 Ver.2 RB 720.00 AE069-04 Z33 Ver.2 RW 550.00 AE069-05 Z33 Ver.2 HOOD 780.00 AE069-06 Z33 Ver.2 Aero Mirrors 350.00 AE069-07 Z33 Ver.2 Hood (carbon) 980.00 AE070-01 Z33 Ver.3 FB 820.00 AE070-02 Z33 Ver.3 SS 720.00 AE070-03 Z33 Ver.3 RB 820.00 AE070-04 Z33 Ver.3 RW (FRP) 780.00 AE070-05 Z33 Ver.3 RW (FRP & CF) 860.00 AE070-06 Z33 Ver.3 HOOD 880.00 AE070-07 Z33 Ver.3 Over Fender Kit 960.00 AE070-08 Z33 Ver.3 Hood (Carbon) 980.00 AE071-01 BMW Z3 EXC FB 680.00 AE071-02 BMW Z3 EXC SS 520.00 AE071-03 BMW Z3 EXC RB 550.00 AE071-04 BMW Z3 EXC RW 420.00 AE071-05 BMW Z3 EXC REAR OF 680.00 AE072-01 BMW E46 EXC FB 680.00 AE072-02 BMW E46 EXC SS 520.00 AE072-03 BMW E46 EXC RHB 420.00 AE072-04 BMW E46 EXC RW 420.00 AE073-01 IS300 FB 680.00 AE073-04 IS300 RW (FRP) 610.00 AE073-05 IS300 RW (FRP/CF) 740.00 AE073-07 IS300 RB (US-Spec) 550.00 AE074-01 EVO-8 FHB (FRP) 360.00 AE074-02 EVO-8 SUW (FRP) 360.00 AE074-03 EVO-8 SUW (Carbon) 540.00 AE074-04 EVO-8 RUW (J-Spec FRP) 300.00 AE074-05 EVO-8 RW (FRP) 780.00 AE074-06 EVO-8 RW (FRP/CF) 860.00 AE074-07 EVO-8 RUW (US-Spec FRP) 300.00 AE074-08 EVO-8 RUW (US-Spec Carbon) 540.00 AE075-01 03 FORTUNE SUPRA 7,980.00 AE076-01 JZZ30 Soarer EXE FB 750.00 AE076-02 JZZ30 Soarer EXE SS 610.00 AE076-03 JZZ30 Soarer EXE RB 680.00 AE076-04 JZZ30 Soarer EXE RW 420.00 AE077-01 ZZT231 FF GT Celica FB 680.00 AE077-02 ZZT231 FF GT Celica SS 580.00 AE077-03 ZZT231 FF GT Celica RB 680.00 AE077-04 ZZT231 FF GT Celica Hood (FRP) 670.00 AE077-05 ZZT231 FF GT Celica Front Fender Set 460.00 AE077-06 ZZT231 FF GT Celica Hood (Carbon) 780.00 AE078-01 VS GT Evo-8 FB 680.00 AE078-02 VS GT Evo-8 SS 580.00 AE078-03 VS GT Evo-8 RB 680.00 AE079-01 VS D1 GT RX-7 FB 680.00 AE079-02 VS D1 GT RX-7 SS 580.00 AE079-03 VS D1 GT RX-7 RB 680.00 AE080-01 VS D1 GT RX-8 FB 680.00 AE080-02 VS D1 GT RX-8 SS 580.00 AE080-03 VS D1 GT RX-8 RB 680.00 AE080-04 VS D1 GT RX-8 Hood (FRP) 750.00 AE080-05 VS D1 GT RX-8 Hood (carbon) 980.00 AE083-01 Fortune NSX Complete 9,000.00 AE601-10 Z33 Ver.1 Front Lip Spoiler (Urethane) 420.00 AE601-20 Z33 Ver.1 Side Under Wings (Urethane) 360.00 AE601-30 Z33 Ver.1 RearLip Spoiler (Urethane) 360.00 AE602-10 S2000 Ver.1 Front Lip Spoiler (Urethane) 420.00 AE602-20 S2000 Ver.1 Side Under Wing (Urethane) 360.00 AE602-30 S2000 Ver.1 Rear Lip Spoiler (Urethane) 360.00 AE602-40 S2000 Ver.1 Rear Wing (FRP) 420.00 AE603-10 EVO-8 Ver.1 FHB (Urethane) 420.00 AE603-20 EVO-8 Ver.1 SUW (Urethane) 360.00 AE604-10 350GT Ver.1 Front Lip Spoiler (Urethane) 420.00 AE604-20 350GT Ver.1 Side Under Wing (Urethane) 360.00 AE604-30 350GT Ver.1 Rear Lip Spoiler (Urethane) 360.00 AE604-40 350GT Ver.1 RW (FRP) 780.00 AE604-41 350GT Ver.1 RW (FRP/CF) 860.00 AE605-10 RX-8 Ver.1 Front Lip Spoiler 420.00 AE605-20 RX-8 Ver.1 Side Under Wings 360.00 AE605-30 RX-8 Ver.1 Rear Lip Spoiler 360.00 AE999-01 ACCORD WAGON CE-I 350.00 AE999-02 R33 SKYLINE 350.00 AE999-03 R32 SKYLINE 350.00 AE999-04 S14 SYLVIA 350.00 AE999-05 S13 SILVIA/RPS13 180SX 350.00 AE999-06 SW20 MR-2 350.00 AE999-07 CHASER JZX100 350.00 AE999-08 FC3S RX-7 350.00 AE999-09 FD3S RX-7 350.00 AE999-10 JZA80 SUPRA 350.00 AE999-11 Z32 FAIRLADY Z 350.00 AE999-12 R34 SKYLINE 350.00 AE999-13 DC2 INTEGRA 94+ 350.00 AE999-14 LANCER EVO I, II, III 350.00 AE999-15 LACER EVO IV, V, VI 350.00 AE999-16 ACCORD WAGON CF6, 8 350.00 AE999-17 S15 SILVIA 350.00 AE999-18 GC8 IMPRESSA 350.00 AE999-20 JZS161 350.00 AE999-21 RX-8 350.00 AE999-22 EVO-8 350.00 EM003-01 EVOLUTION White 30.00 EM003-02 EVOLUTION Black 30.00 EM004-01 VEILSIDE EVOLUTION R 30.00 FA001-01 VeilSide T-Shirt Titan Color 28.00 FA001-02 VeilSide T-Shirt Silver 28.00 FA002-01 VeilSide Sweatshirt 48.00 FA003-01 VeilSide White Shirt 63.00 FA004-01 VeilSide Hat Front Stitch 48.00 FA004-02 VeilSide Hat Side Stitch 48.00 FA005-01 VEILSIDE CELL STRAP WHITE 10.00 FA005-02 VEILSIDE CELL STRAP BLACK 10.00 FA006-01 VEILSIDE TOWEL BLACK 10.00 FA006-02 VEILSIDE TOWEL BLACK 10.00 FA007-01 Pit Shirt M 120.00 FA007-02 Pit Shirt L 120.00 FA007-03 Pit Shirt LL 120.00 FA007-04 PIT SHIRT 3L 120.00 FA008-01 Umbrella 35.00 FAUSA01-L Japan Flag Shirt L 25.00 FAUSA01-M Japan Flag Shirt M 25.00 FAUSA01-S Japan Flag Shirt S 25.00 FAUSA01-XL Japan Flag Shiret XL 25.00 FAUSA01-XXL Japan Flag Shirt XXL 25.00 FAUSA02-BD Drift Shirt Babie Doll 25.00 FAUSA02-L Drift Shirt L 25.00 FAUSA02-M Drift Shirt M 25.00 FAUSA02-S Drift Shirt S 25.00 FAUSA02-XL Drift Shirt XL 25.00 FAUSA02-XXL Drift Shirt XXL 25.00 FAUSA03-L Drift Sweat Shirt L 48.00 FAUSA03-M Drift Sweat Shirt M 48.00 FAUSA03-XL Drift Sweat Shirt XL 45.00 FI001-01 VEILSIDE TURBO OIL FILLER CAP 120.00 FI002-01 VEILSIDE NISSAN OIL FILLER CAP 50.00 FI002-02 VEILSIDE TOYOTA OIL FILLER CAP 50.00 FI002-03 VEILSIDE MAZDA OIL FILLER CAP 50.00 FO001-01 VEILSIDE FOOTPLATE A 110.00 FO001-02 VEILSIDE FOOTPLATE B 110.00 FO001-03 VEILSIDE FOOTPLATE C 110.00 FO002-01 Racing Foot Pedal Set (MT) 100.00 FO002-02 Racing Foot Pedal Set (AT) 100.00 FO003-01 Hood Pins (SILVER) 40.00 KE001-01 Black/Black Rock Emblem Black/Black 90.00 KE001-01 VeilSide R Key Chain 10.00 KE001-02 Blue/White Rock Emblem Blue/White 90.00 KE001-03 Red/White Rock Emblem Red/White 90.00 KE001-04 Black/White Rock Emblem Black/White 90.00 KE002-01 Racing Team Keychain (Blue) 10.00 KE002-02 Racing Team Keychain (Gold) 10.00 LN001-01 VeilSide Lanyard Silver 15.00 LN001-02 Lanyard Black 15.00 ME001-01 BNR32 GT-R SPEED METER..8/89-8/91 370.00 ME001-02 SPEED METER..8/91-1/95.. 370.00 ME001-03 HCR32 SKYLINE GTS SPEED METER..5/89-8/91 370.00 ME001-04 HCR32 SKYLINE GTS SPEED METER..8/91-8/93 370.00 ME001-05 BCNR33 GT-R SPEED METER 370.00 ME001-06 Z32 300ZX SPEED METER 370.00 ME001-07 JZA80 SUPRA SPEED METER..5/93-6/96 500.00 ME001-08 S14 SLIVIA SPEED METER..10/93-6/98 370.00 ME001-09 S13/180SX SPEED METER..88.3-96.8 370.00 ME001-10 FD3S RX-7 SPEED METER..91.12-96.1 370.00 ME002-01 BNR32 GT-R COMPLETE METER..89.8-91.8 WHITE 1,410.00 ME002-02 BNR32 GT-R COMPLETE METER..91.8-95.1 WHITE 1,410.00 ME002-03 BNR32 GT-R SUB-METER..89.8-95.1 WHITE 480.00 ME002-04 BNR32 GT-R COMPLETE METER..89.8-91.8 BLACK 1,410.00 ME002-05 BNR32 GT-R COMPLETE METER..91.8-95.1 BLACK 1,410.00 ME002-06 BNR32 GT-R SUB-METER..89.8-95.1 BLACK 480.00 ME002-07 BCNR33 GT-R COMPLETE METER..BLACK 1,410.00 ME002-08 BCNR33 GT-R SUB-METER..BLACK 480.00 ME002-09 FD3S RX-7 COMPLETE METER..BLACK 1,410.00 ME002-10 MX-5 MIATA COMPLETE METER BLACK 1,410.00 ME003-01 52mm BOOST GAUGE ..NORMAL RED 150.00 ME003-02 52mm EXHAUST TEMP GAUGE..NORMAL RED 250.00 ME003-03 52mm FUEL PRESS GAUGE..NORMAL RED 170.00 ME003-04 52mm BOOST GAUGE..NORMAL WHITE 150.00 ME003-05 52mm EXHAUST TEMP GAUGE..NORMAL WHITE 250.00 ME003-06 52mm FUEL PRESSURE GAUGE..NORMAL WHITE 170.00 ME003-07 52mm BOOST GAUGE..EURO 150.00 ME003-08 52mm FUEL PRESSURE GAUGE..EURO 170.00 ME003-09 52mm EXHAUST TEMP GAUGE..EURO 250.00 ME003-10 52mm OIL TEMP GAUGE..EURO 130.00 ME003-11 52mm AMP METER (VOLTAGE)..EURO 120.00 ME003-12 52mm WATER TEMP GAUGE..EURO 130.00 ME003-13 52mm OIL PRESSURE GAUGE..EURO 170.00 ME003-14 60mm BOOST GAUGE..EURO BLACK 160.00 ME003-15 60mm BOOST GAUGE..EURO WHITE 160.00 MU003-08 2003 Tiburon Explosion 130 Exhaust (dual) 1,100.00 MU007-01 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler BNR32 GT-R 1,150.00 MU007-03 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler BNR34 GT-R 1,150.00 MU007-04 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler JZA80 1,150.00 MU007-05 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler CP9A EVO 1,150.00 MU007-06 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler CT9A EVO 1,150.00 MU007-07 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler GC8 Impressa 1,150.00 MU007-08 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler AP1 850.00 MU007-09 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler ZZT231 850.00 MU007-10 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler DC5 680.00 MU007-13 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler EK9 680.00 MU007-14 Titanium Tear Drop Muffler Z33 2,200.00 MU007-15 Semi-Titanium Tear Drop Muffler Z33 1,830.00 MU007-16 Stainless Steel Tear Drop Muffler Z33 1,200.00 MU007-99 TEARDROP INNER SILENCER 40.00 MU008-01 MR Spyder Exhaust..Catalytic Converter is bypassed. Race Only. 740.00 PL001 Power Line Pro R32 GT-R 240.00 PL002 Power Line Pro JZA80 Supra 230.00 PL003 Power Line Pro ZZT231 Celica 240.00 PL004 Power Line Pro JZS161 Aristo 260.00 PL005 Power Line Pro ACR30/40 Previa 230.00 PL006 Power Line Pro R33/R34 380.00 PL007 Power Line Pro PS13/RPS13 230.00 PL008 Power Line Pro S15 Silvia 230.00 PL009 Power Line Pro AP1 S2000 240.00 PL010 Power Line Pro EK9 Civic 230.00 PL011 Power Line Pro DC5 Integra 230.00 PL012 Power Line Pro RA3,4,6,7 Odessey 240.00 PL013 Power Line Pro RF1,2 Stepwagon 230.00 PL014 Power Line Pro RF3,4 Stepwagon 230.00 PL015 Power Line Pro FD3S 240.00 PL016 Power Line Pro FC3S 230.00 PL017 Power Line Pro Legacy 230.00 PL018 Power Line Pro ER34 230.00 PL019 Power Line Pro Z32 240.00 PL020 Power Line Pro GC8 240.00 PL021 Power Line Pro EVO IV-VI 250.00 PL022 Power Line Pro EVO VII 240.00 PL023 Power Line Pro SXE10 260.00 PL024 Power Line Pro GTO Type-II 250.00 PL025 Power Line Pro FTO 220.00 SB001-01 BNR32/HCR32 SKYLINE FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-02 BNR32/HCR32 SKYLINE REAR STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-03 S13/180SX FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-04 S13/180SX REAR STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-05 S14/S15 FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-06 S14 REAR STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-07 S15 REAR STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-08 BCNR33/ECNR33 SKYLINE FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-10 JZA70 SUPRA FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-11 JZX90/100 CHASER FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-12 JZZ30 SOARER (TURBO MODEL ONLY) 190.00 SB001-13 Altezza FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-14 Altezza REAR STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-15 DC2 INTEGRA FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-16 EG6 CIVIC FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-17 CD9A/CE9A LANCER FRONT STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-18 LANCER CD9NA/CE9A REAR STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-19 LANCER CN9A FRONT 190.00 SB001-20 LANCER CN9A REAR STRUT TOWER BAR 190.00 SB001-21 LEGACY BD5/BG5 FRONT 190.00 SB001-22 EG Rear Strut 190.00 SH000-01 5Spd Shift Sticker 5.00 SH000-02 6Spd Shift Sticker 5.00 SH001-03 Shift Knob Type-I JZA80 6MT 50.00 SH001-06 Shift Knob Type-I S15 Silvia 6-MT 50.00 SH002-01 Shift Knob Type R BLK (Honda) 50.00 SH002-04 Shift Knob Type R BLK (Universal) 50.00 SH002-05 Shift Knob Type R BLU (Unviersal) 50.00 SH002-06 Shift Knob Type R RED (Universal) 50.00 SH004-01 Shift Knob Type R2 BLK 50.00 SH004-02 Shift Knob Type R2 BLU 50.00 SH004-03 Shift Knob Type R2 RED 50.00 SH004-04 Shift Knob Type R2 6MT Tiburon 50.00 SH004-05 Shift Knob Type R2 JZA80 50.00 SPL-01 Pro Drag Suspension 2,480.00 SPL01-02 Pro Sports Adujstable Z33.. 1,980.00 SPL01-03 Pro Sports Non Adustable Z33.. 1,580.00 ST001-01 White..VeilSide Sticker L 60.00 ST001-02 Blue ..VeilSide Sticker L 60.00 ST001-03 Red..VeilSide Sticker L 60.00 ST001-04 Orange..Veilside Sticker L 60.00 ST001-05 Gold ..VeilSide Sticker L 60.00 ST001-06 Silver..VeilSide Sticker L 60.00 ST002-01 White..VeilSide Sticker M 10.00 ST002-02 Blue..Veilside Sticker M 10.00 ST002-03 Red ..VeilSide Sticker M 10.00 ST002-04 Orange ..VeilSide Sticker M 10.00 ST003-01 White..VeilSide Sticker S 10.00 ST003-02 Blue..Veilside Sticker 10.00 ST003-03 Red..VeilSide Sticker S 10.00 ST003-04 Orange..Veilside Sticker S 10.00 ST004-01 Silver Rainbow M..VeilSide Sticker 20.00 ST004-02 Orange Rainbow M..VeilSide Sticker 20.00 ST004-03 Yellow Rainbow M..VeilSide Sticker 20.00 ST004-04 Hairline Silver..VeilSide Sticker 20.00 ST004-05 Hairline Gold..VeilSide Sticker M 20.00 ST005-01 Silver Rainbow S..VeilSide Sticker 10.00 ST005-02 Orange Rainbow..VeilSide Sticker S 10.00 ST005-03 Yellow Rainbow..VeilSide Sticker S 10.00 ST005-04 Hairline Silver..VeilSide Sticker S 10.00 ST005-05 Hairline Gold..VeilSide Sticker S 10.00 ST006-01 Silver..Oval Style Sticker 10.00 ST006-02 Gold..Oval Style 10.00 ST006-03 White..Oval Sticker 10.00 ST006-04 Blue..Oval Sticker 10.00 ST006-05 Red..Oval Sticker 10.00 ST006-06 Orange..Oval Sticker 10.00 ST007-01 White..VLS-01R 10.00 ST007-02 Red..VLS-01R 10.00 ST008-01 White..Combat Sticker 10.00 ST008-02 Blue..Combat Sticker 10.00 ST008-03 Black..Combat Sticker 10.00 ST008-04 Hairline Silver..Combat 10.00 ST008-05 Hairline Gold..Combat Sticker 10.00 ST009-01 Hairline Gold..Kaiser Sticker 20.00 ST009-02 Hairline Silver..Kaiser Sticker 20.00 ST010-01 White ..Design Sticker 10.00 ST010-02 Gold..Design Sticker 10.00 ST010-03 Silver..Design Sticker 10.00 ST011-01 VeilSide Sticker Gold (group of 4 over clear) 10.00 ST011-02 VeilSide Sticker White (group of 4 on clear) 10.00 ST011-03 VeilSide Sticker Red (group of 4 on clear) 10.00 ST012-01 ANDREW RACING V (WHITE) 10.00 ST012-02 ANDREW RACING V RED 10.00 ST012-03 ANDREW RACING V GOLD 10.00 ST013-01 Andrew Racing Mesh Gold 10.00 ST013-02 Andrew Racing Mesh Silver 10.00 ST015-01 VeilSide Silver Rectangle Stickers (group of 5) 10.00 ST016-01 VeilSide Evo Sticker kit (1 large, 2 medium, 2 small) 360.00 ST016-02 Windowshield Sticker 50.00 STUSA-01 Saisoku Flag Sticker 15.00 STUSA-02 Kenka Sticker 15.00 STUSA-03 VeilSide Twisty Sticker 6.00 STUSA-04 VeilSide Racing 10.00 Surgetank2JZ JZA80 Race Intake Kit (SP Engineering exclusive item) 2,999.00 SurgetankRB26 RB26 Surge Tank Kit w/ 100mm Throttle Body 2,400.00 SW002-01 Steering Wheel (Black) 300.00 SW002-02 Steering Wheel (Blue) 300.00 SW002-03 Steering Wheel (Red) 300.00 SW002-04 Steering Wheel (Yellow) 300.00 SW002-05 Steering Wheel (White) 300.00 SW002-06 Steering Wheel (Carbon/Silver) 350.00 SW002-07 Steering Wheel (Carbon/Black) 350.00 Apparel PART MSRP VeilSide Hood Pins $40.00 Windshield Banner $50.00 Veilside Brushed Silver & Black Racing $15.00 Veilside White Twisty $15.00 Veilside Umbrella $45.00 VeilSide T Shirt Flag $25.00 VeilSide Hooded Sweatshirt $48.00 VeilSide T Shirt Drift $25.00 VeilSide T shirt Baby Doll $25.00 Vol 1 $24.99 Vol 2 $24.99 Vol 3 $24.99 Vol 4 $24.99 Vol 5 $24.99 Drift Annual $24.99
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