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2010 Nissan Nismo 370z
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Titan Motorsports Part # Part Description Retail Full Description ENGINE PARTS TMS 2JZCGB 2JZ / 2JZGTE Cam Gear Blue (each) $200.00 TMS 2JZCGR 2JZ / 2JZGTE Cam Gear Red (each) $200.00 TMS 2JZCGN 2JZ / 2JZGTE Cam Gear Black (each) $200.00 TMS 2JZCGC 2JZ / 2JZGTE Cam Gear Clear (each) $200.00 TMS B18CGB B18/B16 Cam Gear Blue (each) $110.00 TMS B18CGR B18/B16 Cam Gear Red (each) $120.00 TMS B18CGN B18/B16 Cam Gear Black (each) $120.00 TMS B18CGG B18/B16 Cam Gear Gold (each) $120.00 TMS B18CGC B18/B16 Cam Gear Clear (each) $120.00 TMS Dampened Crank Pulley 2jz 2jz Dampened Crank Pulley $569.00 TMS 2jzgte intk man Toyota Supra Street Intake Manifold for 2jz-gte $1,400.00
The Titan Motorsports Intake manifold is considered one of the best on the market. Why? Because through the most scrutinizing design criteria our intake manifold was created. This intake manifold starts with 102mm main intake plenum, which has been cut down and modified to adapt to the potent 2jzgte fitment. This is a tubular design which causes less turbulence and has an excellent distribution effect throughout all 6 intake runners. Unlike the competitors manifolds who make sheet metal style manifolds and then bolt everything to it, we go one step further and make all the factory provisions externally mounted. This means the throttle cable and cruise control brackets are not screwed into the plenum which then further disrupts flow or can cause leaks. We then get to the final step where we FULLY Polish the whole unit, not just the upper portion like others, we have the whole unit polished to a mirror shine. Our manifolds are made out of aluminum in house and is fully tig welded. Stock throttle body bolts right up with no modification and this unit can be used with stock computer or any aftermarket ecu. Unit can be ordered with or without IAC (Idle Air Control) valve provision. Expect 20-30hp gain above 5500rpm, most beneficial on cars producing 650+rwhp DRESS UP PARTS TMS Rad Show Plate Radiator Show Plate (polished) for Supra/jza80 $65.00 TMS Spark Plug Cover Polished Billet Spark Plug Cover for 2jz-gte $425.00 TMS cap ps/bfr Polished Billet Power Steering or Brake Fluid Reservoir Caps $35.95 ACCESSORIES TMS Supra Parking Sign Supra Parking Sign $35.00 TMS Supra Street Sign Blue Supra Street Sign in Blue (aka Supra Dr.) $30.00 TMS Supra Street Sign Green Supra Street Sign in Green (aka Supra Dr.) $30.00 TMS T-shirt TMS Championship T-Shirt in black @ S,M,LG,XL, XXL $12.95 TMS small decal TMS small decal - perfect for 1/4 glass size $5.00 TMS www decal "WWW.TITANMOTORSPORTS.COM" decal (red, blue, white, black, blue) $12.00 TMS windshield banner "Titan Motorsports" windshield banner (red, blue, white, black, blue) $12.00 FUEL SYSTEM COMPONENTS TMS Fuel System 720cc Fuel System for Supra Turbo 93-98 720cc $2,295.00 This is the ultimate in fuel systems. We developed this after seeing all the other fuel systems on the market. Our fuel system comes fully assembled out of the box, so there is no splicing or cutting of the stainless steel braided fuel lines (like others). Titan Motorsports uses all Aeroquip lines and fittings which are known as the best in the industry. Our kit comes with #6 size fuel lines accompanied with a potent 17.3mm diameter fuel rail and your choice of injector sizing. This kit includes 1 additional fuel pump, aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with liquid filled gauge. This kit also includes high flow fuel filter, quick release clips for the injectors, (2) relays, (2) quick sockets for the relays, power wire for the relays and fuel pumps, all nuts, bolts, wire connectors, and zip ties are included. The Titan Motorsports Kit comes with everything you need. This is the most complete fuel system on the market! TMS Fuel System 850cc Fuel System for Supra Turbo 93-98 850cc $2,295.00 TMS Fuel System 1000cc Fuel System for Supra Turbo 93-98 1000cc $2,450.00 TMS Fuel Rail w/injectors Fuel Rail, injectors (6), fittings, all bracketry 720/850 $1,095.00 TMS Fuel Rail w/injectors Fuel Rail, injectors (6), fittings, all bracketry 1000cc $1,250.00 TMS Polished Rail TMS Polished rail upgrade on all fuel systems $35.00 TMS Fuel damper bypass Fuel Damper Bypass for Supra Turbo 93-98 $99.00 TMS SR20DET Fuel Rail Kit TMS SR20DET Fuel Rail kit with 550/720/850 + Clips $625.00 TMS SR20DET Fuel Rail TMS SR20DET Fuel Rail $189.00 PERFORMANCE PARTS TMS Rad Hose Kit (black) Radiator Hardpipe (upper) std black ends (Supra TT 93-98) $125.00 TMS Rad Hose Kit (blue) Radiator Hardpipe (upper) deep blue ends (Supra TT 93-98) $125.00 TMS Rad Hose Kit (red) Radiator Hardpipe (upper) deep red ends (Supra TT 93-98) $125.00 TMS jza80 Clutch Line Toyota Supra Stainless Steel brake line $65.00 TMS WRX Clutch Line Subaru WRX Stainless Steel Brake line $50.00 TMS S13/S14 Line Lock Kit Line Lock for for 240sx 91-98 $240.00 TMS JZA80 Line Lock Kit Line Lock kit for Supra $235.00 TMS EGR Plates 2jz-gte EGR plates (both top and bottom) $100.00 TMS CF Driveshaft TMS driveshaft for Supra 93-98 (Big Boy) $1,800.00 TMS HSK SR20DET Head Stud Kit for SR20DET $150.00 TMS HSK WRX Coming Soon TMS Clutch Link MK4 Stainless Steel Clutch Line for 6spd Supra TT 93-98 $65.00 RACE PARTS TMS 2jz billet motor mounts 2jz Motor Mounts made of Billet Aluminum (both L&R mounts) $295.00 TMS 2jz billet tranny mount manual Toyota Supra Manual Transmission Mount - billet aluminum $150.00 TMS diff ear mounts Left and Right jza80 Differential ear mounts - billet aluminum $195.00 TMS diff sub-assembly mounts Left and Right differential sub-assembly mounts - Steel $35.00 TMS jza80 sub-assembly mounts Sub-Assembly to Chassis Solid Billet aluminum mounts TBA TMS 2jz 6-spd Spool Spool for Toyota Supra 6-spd 93-98 differential $995.00 TMS 2jz Auto Spool Spool for Toyota Supra auto 93-98 differential TBA
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