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Built for the driving enthusiast, the Sustec Stabilizer emininates roll for exceptional stability and maximum tire contact patch and grip.

Unique to the Sustec Stabilizer is it's FULL CHROMEMOLY steel alloy construction. Chromemoly's strength is such that a small diameter chromemoly anti-swaybar is significantly stronger than the standard steel anti-swaybars that are larger in diameter.

The Sustec Stabilizer has a carefully calculated OUTER and INNER diameter, for the proper amount of rigidity. The diameter and strength cannot be compared to other commonly available anti-swaybars due to the vast difference in material construction.

Chromemoly anti-swaybars have typically only been readily available to race users. The Sustec Stabilizer makes this lightweight, extremely functional race material technology available to all motorsport enthusiasts for a reasonable price!

Full Chromemoly Construction, Handling Master - Chromemoly is extremely lightweight and rigid, when compared to heavier standard steel, which requires more material to acheive the same amount of strength. Chromemoly steel is commonly used to build roll cages, and has an established reputation in the performance community as a choice material for a reasonable price. Sustec Stabilizer is extremely lightweight, and is engineered to provide the favored neutral balance, which can eliminate factory suspension settings for understeer.

Bolt On, Stock Mounting - The Sustec Stabilizer bolts onto stock mounting locations and uses the factory endlinks and fitment for trouble free useage. Many other swaybars need special hardware that can change mounting location, and can interfere with fitment and clearance with other components on the vehicle, such as the exhaust, or suspension arms if the vehicle is aggressively lowered.

No Adjustment Necessary - The Sustec Stabilizer has ideal fitment, and is specially tuned to provide the best handling characteristics for each vehicle, reducing the need for adjustments. Anti-swaybars that have 'notches' on the swaybar mount, can exhibit a tendency to bend and snap factory endlinks after minimal use, therefore, if adjustment is absolutely necessary, reinforced adjustable endlinks are recommended for preload adjustment.

Solid Bushings Included on Most Kits - Most Sustec Stabilizer kits include replacement bushings that will accomodate for the specially sized Sustec Stabilizer .
Model Year Diameter Part # Diameter Part #
    Front   Rear  
Integra RS/LS/GS/GSR 94-01     20.0 TSB002R  
RSX Type S (DC5) 02-04 27.5 TSB046F 22.0 TSB046R
Accord 2DR/4DR (CD) 94-97 30.4 TSB009F   20.0 TSB009R  
Civic Coupe EX/SI 96-00     20.0 TSB018R  
Civic Hatchback (EF) 88-91 25.4 TSB026F 20.0 TSB026R
Civic Hatchback (EK) 96-00     20.0 TSB018R  
Civic SI Hatchback (EP) 02-05 27.5 TSB046F 22.0 TSB046R
CRX (EF) 88-91 25.4 TSB026F   20.0 TSB026R  
Prelude (BB1/4) 92-96 30.4 TSB008F   25.4 TSB008R  
Prelude 97-02 30.4 TSB020F   25.4 TSB008R  
Prelude SH 97-02 30.4 TSB020F   25.4 TSB008R  
S2000 (AP1/AP2) 00-05 30.4 TSB040F   30.4 TSB040R  
G35 Coupe (V35) 03- 36.0 TSB063F 22.0 TSB063R
IS300 (JCE10L) 00-05 30.4 TSB038F   18.0 TSB038R  
RX-7 (FC3S) 86-92 27.5 TSB032F   18.0 TSB032R  
RX-7 (FD3S) 93-97 30.4 TSB013F   20.0 TSB013R  
RX-8 (SE3P) 04- 30.4 TSB097F 20.4 TSB097R
Eclipse 95-99 20.0 TSB005F 18.0 TSB005R
Lancer EVO8 (CT9A) 03-05 25.4 TSB072F 22.0 TSB072R
Lancer EVO9 (CT9A) 06-07 25.4 TSB072F 22.0 TSB072R
240SX (S13) 89-94 30.4 DS0070F   22.0 DS0070R  
240SX (S14) 95-98 30.4 DS0011F   27.5 DS0011R  
350Z (Z33) 03- 36.0 TSB063F 22.0 TSB063R
Impreza WRX 02-03 22.0 TSB092F 22.0 TSB045AR
Impreza WRX 04-04 22.0 TSB092F 22.0 TSB045BR
Impreza WRX STI 04-06 22.0 TSB092F 22.0 TSB092R
Celica (ZZT231) 00-05 25.4 TSB036F 22.0 TSB036R
Corolla (AE86) 85-87 25.4 TSB044F   20.0 TSB044R  
MR-2 (SW20) 90-95 22.0 TSB019F   22.0 TSB019R  
Supra (MA70) 87-92 30.4 TSB033F   25.4 TSB033R  
Supra (JZA80) 93-98 30.4 TSB012F   22.0 TSB012R  
Visit Tanabe's Website for more details, specifications, images, sounds, pictures, etc:
Updated 12/16/07
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