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2010 Nissan Nismo 370z
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Power Enterprise IMPREZA LEGACY FORESTER (EJ20/EJ25) Products Engine/Car Model Parts number Price EJ20 2.2Г Kit                Piston + Conrod + Crankshaft EJ20 11-CF211 $2,850.00 "PISTON            Curving Piston Kit" EJ20 110-PF211-AR $1,238.00 "CONROD            HA Beam Connecting Rod" EJ20 111-PF212-SC $950.00 "CRANKSHAFT   2.2L Super Stroker Crank" EJ20 112-CF211 $950.00 CAMSHAFT EJ20 - - METAL        F1 BLACK METAL EJ20 CONROD(SET) $200.00 MAIN(SET) $288.00 HEAD GASKET         HEAVY METAL GASKET EJ20               (GC8 after Verゲ,GDA,GDB) フ93.5 t=1.1 $280.00 フ93.5 t=1.5 $280.00 TIMING BELT         SSケ TIMING BELT EJ20 BF211 $178.00 FAN BELT           POWER SUPER V BELT IMPREZA, LEGACY, FORESTER    ALL MODEL 5PK877 $38.00 AIR CONDITIONER BELT         POWER SUPER V BELT IMPREZA  4PK865/885/890 【 $38.00 LEGACY 4PK885     【 $38.00 FORESTER 4PK890     【 $38.00 TURBOCHARGER     POWER'S TURBO CHARGER & POWER'S TURBO KIT GC8/GDA/GDB older model/SF5 PE1418F $1380.00▽ PE1420F $1380.00▽ PE1818F $1680.00▽ PE1820F $1680.00▽ GDB newer model PE1825F $2480.00▽ GDB Type F RX-6R Set Up Kit $5,200.00 FUEL PUMP            POWER'S FUEL PUMP IMPREZA, LEGACY, FORESTER    Universal type 245L/H $246.00 255L/H $288.00 INJECTOR     POWER'S INJECTOR GC8 Ver1-4 SH550FA $180.00 SH660FA $290.00 SH850FA $180.00 GC8 Ver5-6, BE/BH(type A-C) SH550FB $180.00 SH660FB $290.00 SH850FB $180.00 GDA/GDB,              BE/BH(type D) TH510F $110.00 TH650F $140.00 TH800F $145.00 GDF(EJ25) TH850FC $150.00 OIL FILTER     MAG POWERケ OIL FILTER IMPREZA, LEGACY, FORESTER    (Except newer model) OFケ-02A $18.00 GDB/BP5/BL5/BP9/SG5 OFケ-06A $18.00 AIR INTAKE         AIR IMPULSE Versionケ GC8/CF8/BC5/BF5 AL-F620 $168.00 BG5/BD5(280PS) AL-F621 $168.00 BG5/BD5/SF5 AL-F622 $168.00 GC8(280PS) AL-F623 $168.00 GC8/SF5(EJ205/207) AL-F624 $168.00 BH5(older model only) AL-F625 $168.00 BE5(newer model only) AL-F626 $168.00 GDA/GDB AL-F627 $168.00 CLUTCH GC8 Street Single $998.00 GC8/GDA/GDB Racing Single $1,198.00 Fan Switch Controller GC8(グ-ゲ)/GDA/GDB/GF8(グ-ケ/BD5/BE5/BG5/BH5/SF5 - $298.00 V mount Intercooler Kit      COOL POWER V GDB STI Type C-F - $3990.00▽ RADIATOR CAP Power High Pressure Radiator Cap ALL SUBARU TYPE N $20.00 【 Check he stock belt spec on the vehicle. LANCER EVOLUTION (4G63) Products Engine/Car Model Parts number Price 4G63 2.2Г Kit PISTON +CONROD +CRANKSHAFT 4G63 - $6,400.00 PISTON         Curving Piston Kit 4G63 - $1,238.00 CONROD          HA Beam Connecting Rod 4G63 - $950.00 CRANKSHAFT       2.2Г Super Stroker Crank 4G63 - $4,600.00 CAMSHAFT【 4G63 - $660.00 METAL     F1 BLACK METAL 4G63 CONROD(SET) $200.00 "MAIN(SET) MAIN        MAIN CENTER(EVOグ-コ)" $280.00 HEAD GASKET     HEAVY METAL GASKET EVOグ-ゲ ヵ87 t=1.5 $220.00 EVOコ-ジ ヵ87 t=1.2 $220.00 ヵ87 t=1.5 $220.00 TIMING BELT       SSケ TIMING BELT 4G63 BM211 $158.00 BALANCER BELT 4G63 BM212 $48.00 FAN BELT       POWER SUPER V BELT CP9A (▽Evo6.5) 6PK1780 $98.00 CT9A (Evo7▽ 6PK1790 $98.00 TURBOCHARGER POWER'S TURBO KIT EVOコ-ジ RX-6R Set Up KIT $5,700.00 FUEL PUMP            POWER'S FUEL PUMP 4G63(Universal) 245L/H $246.00 255L/H $288.00 INJECTOR            POWER'S INJECTOR CD9A/CE9A/CN9A/CP9A/CT9A TL534 $130.00 TL660 $130.00 TL700 $130.00 TL800A-C $180.00 TL1000-C $200.00 OIL FILTER     MAG POWERケ OIL FILTER CD9A/CE9A/CN9A/CP9A/CT9A OFケ-04A $18.00 AIR INTAKE     AIR IMPULSE Versionケ Evoグ-ゲ AL-M720 $168.00 Evoコ-サ AL-M721 $168.00 Evoザ GT-A - ジ AL-M723 $168.00 CLUTCH CE9A/CD9A Street Single $998.00 CN9A/CP9A/CT9A Racing Single $1,198.00 Fan Switch Controller CD9A/CE9A/CM5A/CN9A/CP9A/CT9A - $298.00 RADIATOR                   DOUBLE LOW RADIATOR EVOグ-ゲ - $698.00 EVOコ-サ RADIATOR HOSE POWER'S SILICONE RADIATOR HOSE EVOグ-ゲ               EVOコ-ゴ              EVO サ UPPER HOSE $86.00 LOWER HOSE $110.00 HOSE SET         UPPER +LOWER $180.00 RADIATOR + HOSE SET $850.00 RADIATOR CAP Power High Pressure Radiator Cap MITSUBISHI $20.00 【 Coming Soon Z33 FAIRADYZ,V35 SKYLINE (VQ35DE) Products Engine/Car Model Parts number Price VQ35 3.8Г Kit PISTON +CONROD+ CRANKSHAFT VQ35DE - $9,500.00 VQ35 Twin Turbo Up Grade Kit PISTON+CONROD - $2,850.00 PISTON         Curving Piston Kit - $1,480.00 CONROD(for 3.8Г Kit)          HA Beam Connecting Rod - $1,400.00 CONRODfor Twin Turbo Up Grade Kit          HA Beam Connecting Rod - $1,400.00 CRANKSHAFT       3.8Г Super Stroker Crank - $6,650.00 CAMSHAFT - $1,238.00 VALVE SPRING - $240.00 METAL     F1 BLACK METAL CONROD(SET) $420.00 MAIN(SET) $320.00 HEAD GASKET     HEAVY METAL GASKET ヵ97.0 t=0.7 $300.00 FAN BELT       POWER SUPER V BELT 6PK1175 $68.00 AIR CONDITIONER BELT             POWER SUPER V BELT 4PK945 $38.00 TWIN TURBO KIT              COMPLETE TURBO KIT Z33 FairladyZ older model - $8,480.00 V35 Skyline older model - $8,480.00 OIL PAN              HIGH CAPACITY ALMINUM OIL PAN Z33 - $580.00 FUEL PUMP            POWER'S FUEL PUMP VQ35DEUniversal 245L/H $246.00 255L/H $288.00 INJECTOR             POWER'S INJECTOR VQ35DE TH380NZ $180.00 TH510NZ $180.00 TH650NZ $180.00 TH800NZ $180.00 OIL FILTER MAG POWERケ OIL FILTER OFケ-02A $18.00 AERO Z33 SPECIAL PARTS Z33 CARBON AERO BONNET $1,380.00 "CARBON AERO BONNET with DUCT" $1,580.00 CARBON LIP SPOILER $698.00 CARBON 3D WING $1,480.00 CARALYZER POWER'S METAL CATALYZER - $1,398.00 MAFFLER              SUPER SONIC EX - $998.00 RADIATOR                   DOUBLE LOW RADIATOR - $698.00 RADIATOR HOSE POWER'S SILICONE RADIATOR HOSE UPPER HOSE $86.00 LOWER HOSE $110.00 HOSE SET        UPPER+LOWER $180.00 RADIATOR+HOSE SET $850.00 Item Description Price 105/AN8163J 3STRx1/8PIPE Fitting for A/F Moniter $- 1337-WG-FLANGE V-BAND FLANGE $21.78 31-62 $- 76-PWR-STR Neck Strap $0.84 AIR IMPALSE $- AIR IMPALSE:AI-AD01 ADAPTOR for AIR IMPULSE (TYPE A ) $30.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-AD02 ADAPTOR for AIR IMPULSE ( TYPE B ) $30.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-AD03 ADAPTOR for AIR IMPULSE ( TYPE C ) $30.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-F620 AIR IMPULSE 2 (BC5/BF5/GC8 -96.9) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-F621 AIR IMPULSE 2 (BG5/BD5 280PS LEGACY) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-F622 AIR IMPULSE 2 (BG5/BD5/SF5 older) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-F623 AIR IMPULSE 2 (GC8 280PS -98.9) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-F624 AIR IMPULSE 2 (GC8 Ver5-/SF5 98.9-) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-F625 AIR IMPULSE 2 (BH5/BE5 LEGACY) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-F627 AIR IMPULSE 2 (GDA/GDB) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-F627-A Attachment for AIR IMPULSE 2(GDA/GDB) $100.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-FL01 Air Filter L $75.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-FL02 Air Filter S $75.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-GS01 GASKET for AIR IMPULSE ( TYPE A ) $4.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-GS02 GASKET for AIR IMPULSE ( TYPE B ) $4.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-GS03 GASKET for AIR IMPULSE ( TYPE C ) $4.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H801 AIR IMPULSE 2 (CE1/CD5/CF2) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H805 AIR IMPULSE 2 (DC5/EP3) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H805-A Attachment for AIR IMPULSE 2 (DC5/EP3) $100.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H820 AIR IMPULSE 2 (EG4/6/8/9/1/EJ4) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H820-A Attachment for AIR IMPULSE 2 (EG4/6/8/9/1/EJ4) $100.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H821 AIR IMPULSE 2 (RA1/RA2) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H822 AIR IMPULSE 2 (DC2/DB8 INTEGRA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H823 AIR IMPULSE 2 (EK4/EK9 CIVIC) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H823-A Attachment for AIR IMPULSE 2(EK4/EK9 CIVIC) $100.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H824 AIR IMPULSE 2 (RH1/RH2 S-MX) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-H828 AIR IMPULSE 2 (AP1 S2000) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-M720 AIR IMPULSE 2 (CD9A/CE9A LANCER EVO1-3) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-M721 AIR IMPULSE 2 (CN/CP9A LANCER EVO4-6) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-M722 AIR IMPULSE 2 (EC5W LEGNUM) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-M723 AIR IMPULSE 2 (CT9A LANCER EVO7) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N551 AIR IMPULSE 2 (Z32 T/C,NA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N552 AIR IMPULSE 2 (BNR32 SKYLINE GT-R) $298.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N553 AIR IMPULSE 2 (BCNR33 SKYLINE GT-R) $298.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N554 AIR IMPULSE 2 (ECR33 SKYLINE) $88.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N555 AIR IMPULSE 2 (HCR32/HNR32/HR32) $88.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N556 AIR IMPULSE 2 (S13/RS13 SILVIA T/C) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N557 AIR IMPULSE 2 (S13 SILVIA NA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N558 AIR IMPULSE 2 (PS13/RPS13 T/C) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N558-A Attachment for AIR IMPULSE 2 (PS13/RPS13 T/C) $100.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N559 AIR IMPULSE 2 (PS13/RPS13 NA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N560 AIR IMPULSE 2 (S14 SILVIA T/C) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N561 AIR IMPULSE 2 (S14 SILVIA NA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N562 AIR IMPULSE 2 (BNR34 T/C) $298.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N566 AIR IMPULSE 2 (S15 SILVIA T/C) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-N567 AIR IMPULSE 2 (ALE50 ELGRAND) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T300 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZA70 SUPRA ) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T301 AIR IMPULSE 2 ( JZA80 SUPRA TURBO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T302 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZA80 SUPRA NA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T303 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZZ30 SOARER T TURBO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T304 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZZ30 SOARER S TURBO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T305 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZZ31 SOARER) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T306 AIR IMPULSE 2 (UZZ30/31 SOARER) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T308 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZX90 MARK2 SERIES TURBO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T309 AIR IMPULSE 2 ( JZX90 MARK2 SERIES NA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T310 AIR IMPULSE 2 ( JZX100 MARK2 SERIES TURBO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T311 AIR IMPULSE 2 ( JZX100 MARK2 SERIES NA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T312 AIR IMPULSE 2 (ST185 CELICA GT-4) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T313 AIR IMPULSE 2 (ST205 CELICA GT-4) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T314 AIR IMPULSE 2 (ST202/206-97.11) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T315 AIR IMPULSE 2 (SW20 TURBO-93.10) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T315-A Attachment for AIR IMPULSE 2 (SW20 TURBO-93.10) $100.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T316 AIR IMPULSE 2 (SW20 TURBO 93.10-) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T317 AIR IMPULSE 2 (SW20 NA 89.11-93.10) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T318 AIR IMPULSE 2 (SW20 NA 93.10-97.12) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T318-A Attachment for Air Impulse 2 (SW20 3/4 NA) $93.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T319 AIR IMPULSE 2 (AE101 LEVIN/TRUENO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T320 AIR IMPULSE 2 (AE111 LEVIN/TRUENO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T321 AIR IMPULSE 2 (EP82/91 STARLET) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T323 AIR IMPULSE 2 (ST195G CALDINA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T324 AIR IMPULSE 2 (ST215W CALDINA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T325 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZS147 ARISTO TURBO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T326 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZS147 ARISTO NA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T328 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZS161 ARISTO) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T329 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZA80 SUPRA TURBO VVT-i) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T339 AIR IMPULSE 2 (TCR20W ESTIMA) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T340 AIR IMPULSE 2 (SW20 NA VVT-i) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T341 AIR IMPULSE 2 (CXR10G/20G ESTIMA) $248.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T342 AIR IMPULSE 2 (SXE10 ALTEZZA) $248.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T345 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZS171 CROWN/ATHLETE) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-T346 AIR IMPULSE 2 (JZX110) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-Z770 AIR IMPULSE 2 (FC3S RX7 newer) $168.00 AIR IMPALSE:AI-Z771 AIR IMPULSE 2 (FD3S RX-7) $298.00 AIR IMPALSE:AT-T344 AIR IMPULSE 2 (ZZW30 MR-S) $168.00 BEARING BEARING:1101-MF211 CON'ROD BEARING FOR EJ20(PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MF212 CON'ROD BEARING FOREJ20(BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MF213 CON'ROD BEARING FOR EJ20(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MF214 CON'ROD BEARING FOR EJ20(YELLOW) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MM211 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4G63(PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MM212 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4G63(BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MM213 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4G63(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MM214 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4G63(YELLOW) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MM215 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4G63(BLUE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MM216 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4G63(RED) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN111 CON'ROD BEARING FOR CA18(PURPLE) $18.00 BEARING:1101-MN112 CON'ROD BEARING FOR CA18(BROWN) $18.00 BEARING:1101-MN113 CON'ROD BEARING FOR CA18(GREEN) $18.00 BEARING:1101-MN114 CON'ROD BEARING FOR CA18(YELLOW) $18.00 BEARING:1101-MN115 CON'ROD BEARING FOR CA18(BLUE) $18.00 BEARING:1101-MN116 CON'ROD BEARING FOR CA18(RED) $18.00 BEARING:1101-MN211 CON'ROD BEARING FOR RB26(PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN212 CON'ROD BEARING FOR RB26(BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN213 CON'ROD BEARING FOR RB26(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN214 CON'ROD BEARING FOR RB26(YELLOW) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN215 CON'ROD BEARING FOR RB26(BLUE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN216 CON'ROD BEARING FOR RB26(RED) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN21U/S CON'ROD BEARING FOR RB26(UNDER SIZE) $50.00 BEARING:1101-MN221 CON'ROD BEARING FOR SR20(PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN222 CON'ROD BEARING FOR SR20(BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN223 CON'ROD BEARING FOR SR20(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN224 CON'ROD BEARING FOR SR20(YELLOW) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN225 CON'ROD BEARING FOR SR20(BLUE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN226 CON'ROD BEARING FOR SR20(RED) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN311 CON'ROD BEARING FOR VG30(PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN312 CON'ROD BEARING FOR VG30(BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN313 CON'ROD BEARING FOR VG30(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN314 CON'ROD BEARING FOR VG30(YELLOW) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN315 CON'ROD BEARING FOR VG30(BLUE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MN316 CON'ROD BEARING FOR VG30(RED) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT111 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4AG (PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT112 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4AG(BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT113 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4AG(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT114 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4AG (YELLOW) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT115 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4AG (BLUE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT116 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 4AG(RED) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT211 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 3SG(PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT212 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 3SG(BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT213 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 3SG(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT214 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 3SG (YELLOW) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT215 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 3SG(BLUE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT216 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 3SG(RED) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT310 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 1Z/2JZ(PINK) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT311 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT312 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT313 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT314 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(YELLOW) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MT315 CON'ROD BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(BLUE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MZ111 CON'ROD BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(PURPLE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MZ112 CON'ROD BEARING FOR B6D/BPD (BROWN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MZ113 CON'ROD BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(GREEN) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MZ114 CON'ROD BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(YELLOW0 $25.00 BEARING:1101-MZ115 CON'ROD BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(BLUE) $25.00 BEARING:1101-MZ116 CON'ROD BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(RED) $25.00 BEARING:1102-MF211 CRANK BEARING # 1/3 FOR EJ20(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MF212 CRANK BEARING #1/3 FOR EJ20(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MF213 CRANK BEARING #1/3 FOR EJ20(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MF214 CRANK BEARING #1/3 FOR EJ20(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MM211 CRANK BEARING FOR 4G63(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MM212 CRANK BEARING FOR 4G63(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MM213 CRANK BEARING FOR 4G63(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MM214 CRANK BEARING FOR 4G63(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MM215 CRANK BEARING FOR 4G63(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MM216 CRANK BEARING FOR 4G63(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN111 CRANK BEARING FOR CA18(PURPLE) $20.00 BEARING:1102-MN112 CRANK BEARING FOR CA18(BROWN) $20.00 BEARING:1102-MN113 CRANK BEARING FOR CA18(GREEN) $20.00 BEARING:1102-MN114 CRANK BEARING FOR CA18(YELLOW) $20.00 BEARING:1102-MN115 CRANK BEARING FOR CA18(BLUE) $20.00 BEARING:1102-MN116 CRANK BEARING FOR CA18(RED) $20.00 BEARING:1102-MN211 CRANK BEARING FOR RB26(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN212 CRANK BEARING FOR RB26(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN213 CRANK BEARING FOR RB26(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN214 CRANK BEARING FOR RB26(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN215 CRANK BEARING FOR RB26(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN216 CRANK BEARING FOR RB26(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN217 CRANK BEARING FOR RB26(BLACK) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN221 CRANK BEARING FOR SR20(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN222 CRANK BEARING FOR SR20(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN223 CRANK BEARING FOR SR20(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN224 CRANK BEARING FOR SR20(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN225 CRANK BEARING FOR SR20(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN226 CRANK BEARING FOR SR20(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN311 CRANK FRONT BEARING FOR VG30(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN312 CRANK FRONT BEARING FOR VG30(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN313 CRANK FRONT BEARING FOR VG30(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN314 CRANK FRONT BEARING FOR VG30(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN315 CRANK FRONT BEARING FOR VG30(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MN316 CRANK FRONT BEARING FOR VG30(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT111 CRANK BEARING FOR 4AG(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT112 CRANK BERING FOR 4AG(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT113 CRANK BEARING FOR 4AG(GRREN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT114 CRANK BEARING FOR 4AG(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT115 CRANK BEARING FOR 4AG(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT116 CRANK BEARING FOR 4AG(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT211 CRANK BEARING FOR 3SG(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT212 CRANK BEARING FOR 3SG(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT213 CRANK BEARING FOR 3SG(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT214 CRANK BEARING FOR 3SG(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT215 CRANK BEARING FOR 3SG(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT216 CRANK BEARING FOR 3SG(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT310 CRANK BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(PINK) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT311 CRANK BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT312 CRANK BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT313 CRANK BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT314 CRANK BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MT315 CRANK BEARING FOR 1JZ/2JZ(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MZ111 CRANK BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MZ112 CRANK BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MZ113 CRANK BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MZ114 CRANK BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MZ115 CRANK BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1102-MZ116 CRANK BEARING FOR B6D/BPD(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MF211 CRANK CENTER BEARING #5 FOR EJ20(PURPLE) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MF212 CRANK CENTER BEARING #5 FOR EJ20(BROWN) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MF213 CRANK CENTER BEARING #5 FOR EJ20(GREEN) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MF214 CRANK CENTER BEARING #5 FOR EJ20(YELLOW) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MM211 CRANK BEARING FOR 4G63(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MM212 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 4G63(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MM213 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 4G63(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MM214 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 4G63(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MM215 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 4G63(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MM216 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 4G63(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MN111 CRANK CENTER BEARNG FOR CA18(PURPLE) $22.00 BEARING:1103-MN112 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR CA18(BROWN) $22.00 BEARING:1103-MN113 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR CA18(GREEN) $22.00 BEARING:1103-MN114 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR CA18(YELLOW) $22.00 BEARING:1103-MN115 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR CA18(BLUE) $22.00 BEARING:1103-MN116 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR CA18(RED) $22.00 BEARING:1103-MN211 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR RB26(PURPLE) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN212 CRANK CETER BEARING FOR RB26(BROWN) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN213 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR RB26(GREEN) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN214 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR RB26(YELLOW) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN215 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR RB26(BLUE) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN216 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR RB26(RED) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN217 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR RB26(BLACK) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN311 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR VG30(PURPLE) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN312 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR VG30(BROWN) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN313 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR VG30(GREEN) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN314 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR VG30(YELLOW_ $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN315 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR VG30(RED) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MN316 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR VG30(BLUE) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MT211 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 3SG(PURLE) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MT212 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 3SG(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MT213 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 3SG(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MT214 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 3SG(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MT215 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 3SG(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MT216 CRANK CENTER BEARING FOR 3SG(RED) $28.00 BEARING:1103-MT310 CRANK CENTER BEARING #1 FOR 1JZ/2JZ(PINK) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MT311 CRANK CENTER BEARING #1 FOR 1JZ/2JZ(PURPLE) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MT312 CRANK CENTER BEARING #1 FOR 1JZ/2JZ(BROWN) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MT313 CRANK CENTER BEARING #1 FOR 1JZ/2JZ(GREEN) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MT314 CRANK CENTER BEARING #1 FOR 1JZ/2JZ(YELLOW) $32.00 BEARING:1103-MT315 CRANK CENTER BEARING #1 FOR 1JZ/2JZ(BLUE) $32.00 BEARING:1104-MF211 CRANK BEARING #2/4 FOR EJ20(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MF212 CRANK BEARING #2/4 FOR EJ20(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MF213 CRANK BEARING #2/4 FOR EJ20(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MF214 CRANK BEARING #2/4 FOR EJ20(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MN311 CRANK INTER BEARING FOR VG30(PURPLE) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MN312 CRANK INTER BEARING FOR VG30(BROWN) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MN313 CRANK INTER BEARING FOR VG30(GREEN) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MN314 CRANK INTER BEARING FOR VG30(YELLOW) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MN315 CRANK INTER BEARING FOR VG30(BLUE) $28.00 BEARING:1104-MN316 CRANK INTER BEARING FOR VG30(RED) $28.00 Camshaft CLUTCH CLUTCH:17-CF211-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR GC8(280PS) $998.00 CLUTCH:17-CH111-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR DC2 $898.00 CLUTCH:17-CM213-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR CJ4A RS MIVEC $898.00 CLUTCH:17-CM214-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR CE9A/CD9A $998.00 CLUTCH:17-CN221-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR S13/S14 $998.00 CLUTCH:17-CT111-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR AE101/AE111 $898.00 CLUTCH:17-CT221-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR SW20 $998.00 CLUTCH:17-CZ111-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR NA/NB6C $898.00 CLUTCH:17-CZ112-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR NA/NB8C $898.00 CLUTCH:17-CZ215-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR FD3S $998.00 CLUTCH:17-CZ216-S STREET SINGLE CLUTCH KIT FOR FC3S $998.00 CLUTCH:1731-CPPP Pressure Plate for Clutch (Push) $170.00 CLUTCH:1733-CDM01DA Twin Clutch kit (S14) Disc A $650.00 CLUTCH:1733-CDM01DB Twin Clutch kit (S14) Disc B $650.00 CLUTCH:1733-CDM09DA Twin Clutch Kit(FD3S) Disc A $650.00 CLUTCH:1733-CDM09DB Twin Clutch Kit (FD3S) Disc B $650.00 CLUTCH:1750-CF211-RS RACING SINGLE CLUTCH FOR GC8/GDA $1,198.00 CLUTCH:1750-CF212-RS RACING SINGLE CLUTCH FOR GD8 $1,198.00 CLUTCH:1750-CM212-RS RACING SINGLE CLUTCH FOR CN9A/CP9A/CT9A $1,198.00 CLUTCH:1750-CN211-RS RACING SINGLE CLUTCH FOR R32/R33 $1,098.00 CLUTCH:1750-CZ211-RS RACING SINGLE CLUTCH FOR FD3S $1,198.00 CLUTCH:1750-CZ221-RS RACING SINGLE CLUTCH FOR FC3S $1,098.00 CLUTCH:4101-H001 CLUTCH HOSE (GC8 PULL 98.9-) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-H002 CLUTCH HOSE (GC8 PULL 95.11-98.8) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-H003 CLUTCH HOSE (GC8 PULL 92.11-95.10) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-H005 CLUTCH HOSE (S14/S15) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-HN001 CLUTCH HOSE (BNR34 PULL) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-HN002 CLUTCH HOSE (BCNR33/BNR32 PULL) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-HN003 CLUTCH HOSE (BNR32 PUSH) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-HT001 CLUTCH HOSE (JZX100 PULL) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-HZ001 CLUTCH HOSE (FD3S PULL) $80.00 CLUTCH:4101-HZ002 CLUTCH HOSE (FC3S PUCH) $80.00 Cooling System Cooling System:15-BRKI-GDB Air Conditoner Bracket (GDB) $280.00 Cooling System:15-BRKI-GDB-1 Power Steering & Transmission Cooler for Cool Power V (GDB) $580.00 Cooling System:21-I/CKIT-GDB V Mount Kit Cool Power V (GDB) $4,290.00 CRANKSHAFT ELECTRIC ITEM ELECTRIC ITEM:1860-TEMP01 Thermo Gear $148.00 ELECTRIC ITEM:CC-101-EXT Optional Extension Harness for..CAMCON $45.00 ELECTRIC ITEM:CC-101-EXT:CC-101 CAMCON VVT-i/VTEC Controller $390.00 ELECTRIC ITEM:CC-201 CAMCON H i-VTEC/VTEC $390.00 ELECTRIC ITEM:P-PBC-P/S Pressure Sensor for PBC $98.00 ELECTRIC ITEM:P-SIC SIC Set $368.00 ELECTRIC ITEM:P-SIC-P/S Pressure Sensor for SIC $98.00 ELECTRIC METER ELECTRIC METER:P-FSC-01/A Temperature Sensor for FSC $45.00 ELECTRIC METER:P-FSC-01/B FSC Relay Kit $35.00 ELECTRIC METER:P-FSC-B Fan Switch Controller Set Black $348.00 ELECTRIC METER:P-FSC-W Fan Switch Controller Set White $298.00 ELECTRIC METER:P-PBC-3J PBC Piping kit for twin turbochargers $30.00 ELECTRIC METER:P-PBC-B Boost Controller Set Black $448.00 ELECTRIC METER:P-PBC-W Boost Controller Set White $448.00 ELECTRIC METER:P-VTC-B VTEC Controller Set Black $398.00 ELECTRIC METER:P-VTC-W VTEC Controller Set White $398.00 Engine Internals Engine Internals:1105-CN211 Crankshaft Sprocket (RB26) $280.00 Engine Internals:NI-Q35>-65676 Carr (S) Nissan - Carr (S) Bolt EXHAUST/EXTERIOR EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:1041-Z33-AL ALUMINIUM OIL PAN FOR Z33 $580.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:13-PE15TR-EP-F OUTLET PIPE FRONT FOR RB26 $349.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:13-PE15TR-EP-R OUTLET PIPE REAR FOR RB26 $349.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:13-Z33-AL-PIPE Parts for Aluminum Oil Pan (Oil Return Pipes, Gaskets) $100.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:1301-EN221 Exhaust Manifold(S14) $400.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:1301-EXNCEC Roadster EX Manifold $1,527.27 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:1302-EN221 OUTLET PIPE FOR SR20 $348.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:18-CPU-Z33 ECU FOR Z33 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:40-SSEX-NCPR31 SUPER SONIC EX MUFFLER FOR bB(NEWER) $598.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:40-SSEX-SXE10 SUPER SONIC EX MUFFLER FOR ALTEZZA $598.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:40-SSEX-Z33 SUPER SONIC EX MUFFLER FOR Z33 $998.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:4011-SSEX-MF63 MUFFLER SILENCER 63mm $298.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:4011-SSEX-MF76 MUFFLER SILENCER 76.3mm $298.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:42-CATA-Z33 CATALYTIC CONVERTER FOR Z33 $1,398.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:50-BON/-Z33 CARBON BONNET FOR Z33 $1,380.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:50-BON/D-Z33 CARBON BONNET WITH NACA DUCT FOR Z33 $1,580.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:50-LIP-Z33 CARBON FRONT LIP SPOILER FOR Z33 $698.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:50-NACA/D-Z33 NACA Duct only for Z33 Carbon Bonnet $165.00 EXHAUST/EXTERIOR:50-WING-Z33 CARBON 3D WING FOR Z33 $1,480.00 Fuel system Fuel system:122-3074 Sleeve for Fuel Pump 255L/H $185.00 Fuel system:18-3.5D-8 O ring (Injector GDA/B Indium) $4.00 Fuel system:18-6189-0039 injector connector Nissan Fuel system:18-6240-5147 Connector for 210 L/H Fuel Pump $2.50 Fuel system:18-90301-07024 O-ring (Injector-GDA/GDB small) $4.00 Fuel system:18-ATH3-650GD1 Injector Set (TH650F GDA/GDB) $140.00 Fuel system:18-ATH3-800GD1 Injector Set (TH800F GDA/GDB) $145.00 Fuel system:18-ATL-3-800 Injector Set (TL800A) $180.00 Fuel system:18-C00604 O-ring (Injector EJ20) $4.00 Fuel system:18-CPL-SH Injector Connector (SH) $5.00 Fuel system:18-CPL-TL1000 Injector Connector (TL1000/TH) $5.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-550-SR Injector Set (SH550/SR) $150.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-550EJ1 Injector Set (SH550FA GC8 Ver1-4) $180.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-550EJ2 Injector Set (SH550FB GC8 Ver5-6) $180.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-660-SR Injector Set (SH660/SR) $275.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-660EJ1 Injector Set (SH660FA GC8 Ver1-4) $290.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-660EJ2 Injector Set (SH660FB GC8 Ver5-6) $290.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-850-SR Injector Set (SH850/SR) $140.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-850EJ1 Injector Set (SH850FA GC8 Ver1-4) $180.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-850EJ2 Injector Set (SH850FB GC8 Ver5-6) $180.00 Fuel system:18-DSH3-850EJ3 INJECTOR SET(SH850FC GDF) $150.00 Fuel system:18-DTH5-380HK Injector Set (TH380 K20A) $180.00 Fuel system:18-DTH5-380NZ Injector Set (TH380 VQ35) $180.00 Fuel system:18-DTH5-510GD1 Injector Set (TH510F GDA/GDB) $110.00 Fuel system:18-DTH5-510HK Injector Set (TH510 K20A) $180.00 Fuel system:18-DTH5-510NZ Injector Set (TH510 VQ35) $180.00 Fuel system:18-DTL-1000 Injector Set (TL1000) $200.00 Fuel system:18-NSH1-550D Injector (SH550) $130.00 Fuel system:18-NSH1-660D Injector (SH660) $250.00 Fuel system:18-NSH1-850D Injector (SH850) $130.00 Fuel system:18-NSH3-550A Injector (SH550A) $150.00 Fuel system:18-NSH3-650A Injector (SH650A) $150.00 Fuel system:18-NSH3-800A Injector (SH800A) $150.00 Fuel system:18-NTH1-550D Injector (TH550) $130.00 Fuel system:18-NTH3-650A Injector (TH650A) $150.00 Fuel system:18-NTH3-800A Injector (TH800A) $150.00 Fuel system:18-NTH4-550A Injector (TH550A) $130.00 Fuel system:18-NTH5-380 Injector (TH380) $150.00 Fuel system:18-NTH5-510 Injector (TH510) $150.00 Fuel system:18-NTL1-534D Injector (TL534) $130.00 Fuel system:18-NTL1-660D Injector (TL660) $130.00 Fuel system:18-NTL1-700D Injector (TL700) $130.00 Fuel system:18-STAY Stay for SH850FC Injector $14.55 Fuel system:18-TH800A-C Injector Set (TH800A) $155.00 Fuel system:1801-IN221 Injector Collar (SH550) $25.00 Fuel system:1801-IN222 Injector Collar (SH850) $20.00 Fuel system:1820-CPL-245 Grommet for Fuel Pump 255L/H $2.40 Fuel system:1820-PX130 Fuel Pump Set (130L/H) $198.00 Fuel system:1820-PX165 Fuel Pump Set (165L/H) $198.00 Fuel system:1820-PX210 Fuel Pump Set (210L/H) $248.00 Fuel system:1820-PX245 245L/H Fuel Pump Fuel system:1820-PX255 Fuel Pump Set (255L/H) $210.00 Fuel system:18C-NTH4-550A INJECTOR SET(TH550A-C) $135.00 Fuel system:4-M5-SW Spring Washer for SH850FC Injector Fuel system:9-M5x0.8-12C Cap Bolt for SH850FC Injector Fuel system:Fuel Return Kit for Z33 Z33 Fuel Return Kit $100.00 Fuel system:GSS278 400-866 Filter Kit $20.00 Fuel system:GSS342 Walbro 255L/H Fuel Pump $100.00 Fuel system:O Ring Medium O Ring (Injector-GDA/GDB Medium) Fuel system:SH550-C Injector Set (SH550-C Side Feed w/Collar) $150.00 GASKET GASKET:13-14415-17M00 Z33 Turbo Exhaust Manifold Gasket $18.00 GASKET:13-14445-79E00 Z33 Turbo Outlet Gasket $24.00 GASKET:13-14465-54C00 Z33 Turbo Compressor Inside Gasket $5.00 GASKET:13-14465-79E00 Z33 Turbo Compressor Outside Gasket $4.00 GASKET:13-15196-69F00 Z33 Oil Return Gasket $3.00 GRA101 Graphic Kit #101 (Daisy Yellow) $290.00 Griffin CB13-2 Griffin Intercooler CB13-2 $250.00 HEAD GASKET HEAD GASKET:1001-GF211 Head Gasket (EJ20 93.5mm 1.1mm) $280.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GF213 Head Gasket (EJ20 93.5mm 1.5mm) $280.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GM213 HEAD GASKET (4G63 Evo3 87mm 1.5mm) $220.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GM221 Head Gasket (4G63 87mm 1.2mm Lancer Evolution 4-8) $220.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GM223 Head Gasket (4G63 87mm 1.5mm Lancer Evolution 4-8) $220.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN211 Head Gasket (RB26 87mm 1.1mm) $280.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN211X Head Gasket (RB26 87mm 1.1mm SPL) $320.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN211X' Head Gasket (RB26 88mm 1.1MM SPL) $340.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN213 Head Gasket (RB26 87mmi 1.5mm) $280.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN221 Head Gasket (SR20 87mm 1.1mm) $220.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN223 Head Gasket (SR20 87mmi 1.5mm) $220.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN233 Head Gasket (RB25 87mm 1.5mm) $280.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN411/L Head Gasket (VQ35 97mm 0.7mm) L side $150.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GN411/R Head Gasket (VQ35 97mm 0.7mm) R side $150.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GT117 Head Gasket (4AG 82.5mm 0.7mm) $120.00 HEAD GASKET:1001-GT223 Head Gasket (3SG 87mm 1.5mm) $220.00 HEAD GASKET:1002-GN221 Head Gasket (SR20 88mmi 1.1mm) $220.00 HEAD GASKET:1002-GN223 Head Gasket (SR20 88mm 1.5mm) $220.00 Internal Parts Internal Parts:110-PF211-AR PISTON for EJ20 $430.00 Internal Parts:110-PH211-AR PISTON for K20A Internal Parts:110-PM211-AR PISTON for 4G63 $420.00 Internal Parts:110-PN351-AR PISTONS for VQ35 $579.15 Internal Parts:111-PF211-SC CONROD EJ20 GDB (SUBARU WRX) $200.00 Internal Parts:111-PF212-SC Conrod-S(EJ20) $57.20 Internal Parts:111-PM212-SC Conrod-S(4G63) $57.20 Internal Parts:111-PN351-CA1 CONROD VQ35 $217.80 Internal Parts:111-PN351-SC Conrod (VQ35) $57.20 Internal Parts:111-PN352-SC Conrod-S(VQ35) $57.20 Internal Parts:112-CM211-CR 4G63 Stroker Crankshaft $1,980.00 Internal Parts:112-CN351-CR VQ35 86.4mm Stroker Crankshaft $2,860.00 Internal Parts:1205-CM211-CR Cam pully for 4G63 Internal Parts:1220-CM211-CR Camshaft for 4G63 $485.00 Internal Parts:1220-CZ211-CR Camshaft for Mazda3 $315.00 Internal Parts:3310310 Piston Full Set (Bore 87.5mm) for Honda K24A Maniforlds OIL FILTER OIL FILTER:OF-01A-2 Mag Power 2 White 01A $18.00 OIL FILTER:OF-02A-2 Mag Power 2 White 02A $18.00 OIL FILTER:OF-03A-2 Mag Power 2 White 03A $18.00 OIL FILTER:OF-04A-2 Mag Power 2 White 04A $18.00 OIL FILTER:OF-05A-2 Mag Power 2 White 05A $18.00 OIL FILTER:OF-05S MAG POWER BLACK $18.00 OIL FILTER:OF-06A-2 Mag Power 2 white 06A $18.00 Outlet Pipe PE-FPR-KIT FPR adapter kit $50.00 PISTONS RADIATOR RADIATOR:15-CAP-NI RADIATOR CAP (TYPE N) $20.00 RADIATOR:15-CAP-TY RADIATOR CAP ( TYPE T) $20.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-CP9A5 Radiator Hose Set for EVO4/5 $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-CP9A6 Radiator Hose Set for EVO6 $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-ECR33 RADIATOR HOSE SET (ECR33) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-JZA80 RADIATOR HOSE SET (JZA80) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-JZX100 RADIATOR HOSE SET (JZX100) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-R32 RADIATOR HOSE SET (R32) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-R33 RADIATOR HOSE SET (R33) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-R34 RADIATOR HOSE SET (R34) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-S14 RADIATOR HOSE SET (S14/PS13) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-S15 RADIATOR HOSE SET (S15) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-HOS-Z33 RADIATOR HOSE SET (Z33) $180.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-ECR33 RADIATOR + HOSE SET(ECR33) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-JZA80 RADIATOR + HOSE SET (JZA80) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-JZX100 RADIATOR + HOSE SET (JZX100) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-PS13 RADIATOR + HOSE SET (PS13) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-R32 RADIATOR + HOSE SET (R32) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-R33 RADIATOR + HOSE SET (R33) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-S14 RADIATOR + HOSE SET (S14) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-S15 RAIATOR + HOSE SET (S15) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-R/SET-Z33 RADIIATOR + HOSE SET (Z33) $850.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-CE9A RADIATOR (CE9A/CD9A) $698.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-CP9A RADIATOR (CP9A/CN9A) $698.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-JZA80 RADIATOR (JZA80) $698.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-JZX100 RADIATOR (JZX100) $698.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-PS13 RADIATOR (PS13) $698.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-R32 RADIATOR (BNR32/HCR32) $698.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-R33 RADIATOR (BCNR33/ECR33) $698.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-S15 RADIATOR (S14/S15) $698.00 RADIATOR:15-RAD-Z33 RADIATOR (Z33) $698.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-CD9A RADIATOR HOSE UPPER (CD9A/CE9A LANCER EVOLUTION 1.2.3) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-CP9A RADIATOR HOSE UPPER (CN9A/CP9A LANCER EVOLUTION 4.5.6 ) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-ECR33 RAIATOR HOSE UPPER (ECR33) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-JZA80 RADAIATOR HOSE UPPER (JZA80) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-JZX RADIATOR HOSE UPPER (JZX100) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-R32 RAIATOR HOSE UPPER (R32) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-R33 RAIATOR HOSE UPPER (R33) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-R34 RAIATOR HOSE UPPER (R34) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-S14 RADIATOR HOSE UPPER (S14/PS13) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-S15 RADIATOR HOSE UPPER (S15) $86.00 RADIATOR:1561-HOS-Z33 RADIATOR HOSE UPPER (Z33) $86.00 RADIATOR:1562-HOS-CD9A RADIATOR HOSE LOWER (CD9A/CE9A LANCER EVOLUTION 1.2.3) $110.00 RADIATOR:1562-HOS-CP9A RADIATOR HOSE LOWER (CN9A/CP9A LANCER EVOLURTION 4.5.6) $110.00 RADIATOR:1562-HOS-JZA80 RADIATOR HOSE LOWER (JZA80) $110.00 RADIATOR:1562-HOS-JZX RADIATOR HOSE LOWER (JZX100) $110.00 RADIATOR:1562-HOS-R32 RADIATOR HOSE LOWER (R32/R33/ECR33) $110.00 RADIATOR:1562-HOS-R34 RADIATOR HOSE LOWER (R34) $110.00 RADIATOR:1562-HOS-S14 RADIATOR HOSE LOWER (S14/S15/PS13) $110.00 RADIATOR:1562-HOS-Z33 RADIATOR HOSE LOWER (Z33) $110.00 SILICONE HOSE SILICONE HOSE:13-$100XL80-SIL SILICONE HOSE 100mm L=80mm $22.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$4XL1000SIL SILICONE HOSE 4mm L=1000mm $9.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$50-$60XL80 SILICONE HOSE 50-60mm L=80mm $38.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$50XL80-SIL SILICONE HOSE 50mm L=80mm $10.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$60-$70XL80 SILICONE HOSE 60-70mm L=80mm $40.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$60XL80-SIL SILICONE HOSE 60mm L=80mm $12.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$6XL1000SIL SILICONE HOSE 6mm L=1000mm $14.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$70-$80XL80 SILICONE HOSE 70-80mm L=80mm $48.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$70XL80-SIL SILICONE HOSE 70mm L=80mm $14.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$80XL80-SIL SILICONE HOSE 80mm L=80mm $16.00 SILICONE HOSE:13-$90XL80-SIL SILICONE HOSE 90mm L=80mm $20.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-NCP31-PE300 Supercharger Kit (Sion xB) $3,580.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-OILFEED-1ZZ PE1215 MR-S Turbo Kit Oil Feed Line $23.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE1215-1ZZ Turbocharger Kit PE1215 (MR-S) $3,680.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE14-V35/US Turbocharger Kit for G35 (Full) $8,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE14-Z33 TURBOCHARGER KIT FOR Z33(INTERCOOLER LESS) $7,780.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE1420-Z33-L Turbocharger for 350Z Left Side $1,600.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE1420SP Turbocharger Kit (SR20 A/R20) $1,200.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE14SP-PS13 PE1420 Turbo Kit (PS13/RPS13).. $1,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE14SP-VG30 PE1420 Turbo Kit (VG30) $3,180.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE15TR-32Kt PE1520TR Turbo Kit (R32) WITH O2 SENSOR ADAPTOR $3,800.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE15TR-33Kt PE1520TR Turbo Kit (R33/R34) $3,780.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE1818F Turbocharger Kit (Impreza A/R18) with..separative actuator $1,780.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE1820F Turbocharger Kit (Impreza A/R20) with separative actuator $1,780.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE1820SP Turbocharger Kit (SR20 A/R20) $1,900.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE1825F Turbocharger Kit (Impreza A/R25) with separative actuator $2,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE18SP-PS13 PE1820SP Turbo Kit (PS13/RPS13) $2,180.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE18SP-VG30 PE1820SP Turbo Kit (VG30) $4,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-PE1919T-MR2 Turbocharger Kit PE1919T MR2 $2,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-SXE10-PE300 SUPERCHARGER KIT (ALTEZZA) $4,380.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-TCW77-P20 RX6R Turbocharger (TCW77 A/R20) $2,163.63 Supercharger/Turbocharger:13-Z33-parts Z33 specific twin turbo kit parts $883.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1301-EXZ33/L Manifold EXH L (Z33) $800.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1301-EXZ33/R Manifold EXH R (Z33) $800.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-EXZ33C/L Z33 Iron Cast EX Manifold (L side) $800.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-EXZ33C/R Z33 Iron Cast EX Manifold (R side) $800.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1016 TURBOCHARGER (LEGACY PRIMARY) $1,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1018 TURBOCHARGER (LEGACY SECONDARY) $1,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1215S Turbocharger for MR-S (Turbo Only) Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1418F Turbocharger (Impreza A/R18) $1,380.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1420F Turbocharger (Impreza A/R20) $1,380.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1818F Turbocharger (Impreza A/R18) $1,680.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1820F Turbocharger (Impreza A/R20) $1,680.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1820RR Turbocharger(F40 W/G) $1,980.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE1825F Turbocharger (Impreza GDB A/R25) $2,380.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE2218 TURBOCHARGER (RX-7 A/R18) $2,280.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE2220 TURBOCHARGER (RX-7 A/R20) $2,280.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE2223 TURBOCHARGER (RX-7 A/R23) $2,380.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE2225 TURBOCHARGER (RX-7 A/R25) $2,380.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE2518 TURBOCHARGER (RX-7 A/R18) $2,380.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE2520 TURBOCHARGER (RX-7 A/R20) $2,380.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE2523 TURBOCHARGER (RX-7 A/R23) $2,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1310-PE2525 TURBOCHARGER (RX-7 A/R25) $2,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1311-PE300-01 PE300 SUPERCHARGER $2,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1311-PE320-01 MP45 (M) $1,200.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1311-PE400-01 MP62(ML) $1,320.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1312-PE1420 Actuator for kit Supercharger/Turbocharger:1312-PE1820F Non-Separative Actuator for PE1818/1820F $140.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1313-PE1418F Exhaust housing (Impreza A/R18) $500.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1313-RX7-18 EXHAUST HOUSING A/R18 $500.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1313-RX7-20 EXHAUST HOUSING A/R20 $500.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1313-RX7-23 EXHAUST HOUSING A/R23 $600.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1313-RX7-25 EXHAUST HOUSING A/R25 $600.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1314-PE-Z33USA Pipe Oil Return for Z33 Turbo Charger US Spec (L) Supercharger/Turbocharger:1315-PE-Z33 Oil Return Pipe for Z33 Turbo (R) w/M8 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1317-NCP01A L=650(bB) Supercharger/Turbocharger:1317-TF211 Oil Inlet Hose for EJ20 $23.27 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1317-TM211 Oil Inlet Hose for 4G63 $25.30 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1317-TT111A 1ZZ-FE/SXE10 $33.18 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1317-Z33-L456A T/C L (Z33) $28.86 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1317-Z33-R456A Oil Inlet Hose for Z33 R $23.65 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1319-TM211 Oil Inlet Spacer $10.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1320-PE1420 Actuator Kit (S14) $80.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1320-PE18/20F Separative Actuator (PE1818F/1820F) $180.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1330-PE1818F Turbocharger (Impreza A/R 18) less actuator $1,540.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1330-PE1820F Turbocharger (Impreza A/R 20 less actuator) $1,540.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1330-WG1000 Westgate Valve (1000p) $433.10 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1333-PE-CR Actuator Spring #3 $20.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1334-PE-CR Actuator Spring #4 $20.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1335-PE-CR Actuator Spring #5 $20.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1336-PE-CR Actuator Spring #6 $20.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1361-TT111 Gasket EXH T/C for 1215S $5.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1362-TT111 T/C out for PE1215S $5.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1371-NCP01 Bracket for super charger for B/B $130.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1383-1/8X7/16N Nipple 1/8X7/16 $1.5 011257 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1390-OPZ33C/L Z33 Iron Cast Outlet Pipe (Left Side) $600.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1390-OPZ33C/R Z33 Iron Cast Outlet Pipe (Right Side) $600.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:14-PE14-Z33/US Turbocharger Kit for Z33 (Full) $8,480.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1810-SXE01 Fuel Pressure Regulator for Z33/G35 $100.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:1821-TT111 Adaptor of Surge Pressure (MRS Kit) $10.00 Supercharger/Turbocharger:58-00-06-034 6RIB3.4 PULLEY Supercharger/Turbocharger:58-00-06-036 6RIB3.6 PULLEY Supercharger/Turbocharger:EATON-MP45-1"-6PK3.2" Eaton Supercharger, MP45 1" Drive, 6 Rib 3.2" Pulley TIMING BELT TIMING BELT:1201-BF211 Timing Belt for EJ20 $178.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BH111 Timing Belt for B16B/B18C $148.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BH121 Timing Belt for B16A $138.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BH211 Timing Belt for H22A $148.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BH221 Timing Belt for B20B $158.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BH311 Timing Belt for C30A $198.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BM211 Timing Belt for 4G63 $158.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BM212 Balancer Shaft Belt for 4G63 $48.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BM311 Timing Belt for 6G72 $178.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BN111 Timing Belt for CA18 $138.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BN211 Timing Belt for RB20/RB25/RB26 $128.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BN311 Timing Belt for VG30 $178.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BT111 Timing Belt for 4AG 16V $138.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BT121 Timing belt for 4AG 5V AE111 $138.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BT131 Timing Belt 4AGE (AE101) $138.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BT211 Timing Belt for 1JZ-GTE $148.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BT221 Timing Belt for3S-G 1/2MODEL $148.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BT222 Timing Belt 3S-G 3/4 model $148.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BT311 Timing Belt for 2JZ-GTE $148.00 TIMING BELT:1201-BZ111 Timing Belt for B6D/BPD $138.00 V BELT V BELT:VB-3PK-0845 V Rib Belt (3PK-0845) $28.00 V BELT:VB-3PK-0850 V Rib Belt (3PK-0850) $28.00 V BELT:VB-3PK-0875 V Rib Belt (3PK-0875) $28.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0765 V Rib Belt (4PK-0765) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0775 V Rib Belt (4PK-0775) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0780 V Rib Belt (4PK-0780) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0810 V Rib Belt (4PK-0810) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0820 V Rib Belt (4PK-0820) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0830 V Rib Belt (4PK-0830) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0845 V Rib Belt (4PK-0845) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0850 V Rib Belt (4PK-0850) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0855 V Rib Belt (4PK-0855) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0860 V Rib Belt (4PK-0860) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0865 V Rib Belt (4PK-0865) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0870 V Rib Belt (4PK-0870) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0875 V Rib Belt (4PK-0875) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0880 V Rib Belt (4PK-0880) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0885 V Rib Belt (4PK-0885) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0890 V Rib Belt (4PK-0890) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0910 V Rib Belt (4PK-0910) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0920 V Rib Belt (4PK-0920) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0925 V Rib Belt (4PK-0925) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0940 V Rib Belt (4PK-0940) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0945 V Rib Belt (4PK-0945) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0950 V Rib Belt (4PK-0950) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0955 V Rib Belt (4PK-0955) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0969 V Rib Belt (4PK-0969) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-0985 V Rib Belt (4PK-0985) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-1180 V Rib Belt (4PK-1180) $38.00 V BELT:VB-4PK-1220 V Rib Belt (4PK-1220) $38.00 V BELT:VB-5PK-0685 V Rib Belt (5PK-0685) $38.00 V BELT:VB-5PK-0877 V Rib Belt (5PK-0877) $38.00 V BELT:VB-5PK-0935 V Rib Belt (5PK-0935) $38.00 V BELT:VB-5PK-0950 V Rib Belt (5PK-0950) $48.00 V BELT:VB-5PK-1355 V Rib Belt (5PK-1355) $68.00 V BELT:VB-6PK-1045 V Rib Belt (6PK-1045) $68.00 V BELT:VB-6PK-1175 V Rib Belt (6PK-1175) $68.00 V BELT:VB-6PK-1780 V Rib Belt (6PK-1780) $98.00 V BELT:VB-6PK-1930 V Rib Belt (6PK-1930) $98.00 V BELT:VB-6PK-1940 V Rib Belt (6PK-1940) $98.00 V BELT:VB-6PK-1955 V Rib Belt (6PK-1955) $98.00 V BELT:VB-6PK-1970 V Rib Belt (6PK-1970) $98.00 V BELT:VB-6PK1790 V Rib Belt (6PK1790) - Blue
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