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INVIDIA EXHAUST PRICE LIST 11/12/2008 YEAR MODEL SIZE PIPE SIZE TIP Part No. MSRP ACURA 94-98 INTEGRA GSR 2DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS94AIGGTP $599.99 94-01 INTEGRA LS/RS 2DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS94AI1GTP $599.99 97-UP INTEGRA TYPE-R 2DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS94AI1GTP $599.99 99-UP INTEGRA GSR 2DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS94AIGGTP $599.99 01-UP RSX DC5 TYPE-S CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS01AR1GTP $599.99 01-UP RSX DC5 TYPE-S G200 TITA. TIP CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS01AR1G2T $699.99 94-98 INTEGRA GSR TEST-PIPE 60mm HS94AIGTPP $59.99 94-01 INTEGRA TEST-PIPE 60mm HS94AI1TPP $59.99 HONDA 94-97 ACCORD CD6 2DR/4DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS94HA1GTP $599.99 98-01 ACCORD 4CYL.2DR/4DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS98HA4GTP $599.99 98-01 ACCORD 6CYL 2DR/4DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS98HA6GTP $799.99 88-91 CIVIC EF9 3DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS88HC3GTP $599.99 88-91 CR-X EF8 CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS88HCXGTP $599.99 92-95 CIVIC EG6 3DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS92HC3GTP $599.99 96-00 CIVIC EK-4 J-SPEC 3DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS96HC3GTP $599.99 92-98 CIVIC EG/EK 2DR/4DR G200 CAT-BACK 60mm 89mm HS92HC2G2P $699.99 99-00 CIVIC EK 2/4DR TYPE-R G200 CAT-BACK 60mm 89mm HS99HC2G2P $699.99 01-UP CIVIC EX 2DR/4DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS01HC2GTP $599.99 02-UP CIVIC SI 3DR CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS02HC3GTP $599.99 06-UP CIVIC SI COUPE CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS06HC3GTP $599.99 92-95 DEL SOL CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS92HD1GTP $599.99 92-96 PRELUDE BB1/BB4 CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS92HP1GTP $599.99 97-99 PRELUDE CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS97HP1GTP $599.99 00-UP S2000 EXHAUST MAINFOLD HS00HS1HDP $979.99 NEW 00-UP S2000 Q300 CAT-BACK 70mm 101mm HS00HS1GT3 $879.99 NEW 00-UP S2000 AP1 CAT-BACK(TITANIUM TIP) 70mm 101mm HS00HS1GTP $839.99 00-UP S2000 SINGLE N1 CAT-BACK 70mm 101mm HS00HS1GTS $749.99 NEW 00-UP S2000 AP1 TEST-PIPE 60mm HS00HS1TPP $89.99 00-UP S2000 TEST-PIPE(WITH CELFIX) 70mm HS00HS1TP2 $119.99 NEW 00-UP S2000 TEST-PIPE 70mm HS00HS1TP3 $109.99 NEW 96-00 CIVIC EK 2/4DR TEST PIPE 60mm HS96HC2TPP $59.99 06-UP FIT CAT-BACK 50mm 101mm HS06HF1GTP $599.99 TOYOTA 00-UP CELICA CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS00TC1GTP $499.99 02-UP MATRIX CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS02TX1GTP $599.99 93-98 SUPRA TURBO JZA80 CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS93TSTGTP $699.99 03-UP SCION xA CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS03SXAGTP $499.99 03-UP SCION xB CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS03SXBGTP $499.99 05-UP SCION tC DOWN-PIPE 60mm HS05STCDPP $199.99 SUBARU 02-UP WRX GDB HEADER HS02SW1HDP $1,399.99 02-UP WRX/STI UP-PIPE 50mm HS02SW1UPP $199.99 02-UP WRX/STI NO-POLISHED DOWN PIPE 76mm HS02SW1DPN $359.99 02-UP WRX/STI DIVORCDE WASTE GATE DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS05SW1DPN $399.99 02-UP WRX/STI W/HIGH FLOW CAT. DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS05SW1DPC $699.99 08-UP WRX/STI DIVORCDE WASTE GATE DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS08SW1DPN $399.99 NEW 08-UP WRX/STI W/HIGH FLOW CAT. DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS08SW1DPC $699.99 NEW 02-UP WRX/STI CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS02SW1GTP $799.99 02-UP WRX STI RACING CAT BACK 76mm 101mm HS02SW1GTR $699.99 NEW 02-UP WRX/STI G200 TITA.TIP CAT-BACK 76mm 125mm HS02SW1G2T $879.99 08-UP WRX 5 DOORS RACING CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS08SW5GTR $699.99 NEW 08UP WRX 5 DOORS N1 CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS08SW5GTP $799.99 NEW 08-UP WRX 5 DOORS Q300 CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS08SW5GT3 $879.99 NEW 08-UP 08-UP STI Q300 CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS08STIGT3 $1,249.99 NEW 05-UP LEGACY DIVORCED WASTE GATE DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS05SL1DPN $399.99 05-UP LEGACY W/HIGH FLOW CAT. DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS05SL1DPC $749.99 05-UP LEGACY AUTO. D/WASTE GATE DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS05SLADPN $399.99 NEW 05-UP LEGACY AUTO. D/WASTE GATE DOWN-PIPE 76MM HS5SLADPC $749.99 NEW MITSUBISHI 00-UP ECLIPSE V6 CAT-BACK 70mm 101mm HS00ME1GTP $649.99 03-UP EVO 8 EXHAUST MANIFOLD 45mm HS03ML8HDP $979.99 03-UP EVO 8 CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS03ML8GTP $649.99 03-UP EVO 8 TIT.TIP G200 CAT-BACK 76mm 125mm HS03ML8G2T $849.99 03-UP EVO 8 TURBO-OUTLET HS03ML8TOL $299.99 03-UP EVO 8 DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS03ML8DPP $349.99 03-UP EVO 8 TEST PIPE 76mm HS03ML8TPP $149.99 06-UP EVO 9 TEST-PIPE(WITH CELFIX) 76mm HS06ML9TPP $179.99 NEW MAZDA 93-97 RX-7 TURBO FD3S CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS93ZRTGTP $599.99 MINI 03-UP COOPER S TIT.TIP CAT-BACK 60mm 80mm HS03MCSGTT $879.99 05-UP COOPER S TIT.TIP CAT-BACK 60mm 80mm HS05MCSGTT $879.99 07-UP COOPER S Q300 CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS07MSCGT3 $859.99 NEW NISSAN 02-UP 350Z Z33 CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS02N3ZGTP $849.99 02-UP 350Z Z33 Q300 CAT-BACK(DUAL-PIPE) 60mm 101mm HS02N3ZGT3 $1,249.99 NEW 02-UP 350Z Z33 G35 TEST-PIPE 50mm HS02N3ZTPP $249.99 03-UP INFINITI G35 TITA-TIP CAT-BACK(DUAL-PIPE) 50mm HS03IG3G2T $1,249.99 03-UP INFINITI G35 Q300 CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS03IG3GT3 $1,249.99 NEW 07-UP INFINITI G37 Q300 CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS07IG3GT3 $1,249.99 NEW 03-UP INFINITI FX35 Q300 CAT-BACK 60mm 101mm HS03IFXGT3 $1,249.99 NEW 88-99 SR20 S13 S14 DOWN-PIPE 76mm HS91NS3DPP $249.99 88-91 S13 TURBO CAT-BACK 76mm 101mm HS88NS3GTP $649.99 FORD 05-UP MUSTANG V8 CAT-BACK 63mm 101mm HS05FM8GTP $749.99 NEW 05-UP MUSTANG V8 X-PIPE 63mm HS05FM8XPP $399.99 NEW LEXUS 06-UP GS300/350 Q300 CAT-BACK 70mm 101mm HS06LGSGT3 $939.99 NEW 06-UP IS250/350 Q300 CAT-BACK 70mm 101mm HS06LISGT3 $939.99 NEW
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