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2010 Nissan Nismo 370z
Featured in Nissan Sport Magazine Issue #18

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Available in Silver & SBC Finishes

  • SC PROCESS Improves the hardness of the disc surface, eliminating stress received while the vehicle is in motion. This process makes the wheels lighter and stronger enabling you to accelerate faster, drive smoothly and brake efficiently. Fatigue strength is improved by 20% to 30%.
  • MAT Process - Wheels shaped by the MAT Process reduces the wheels weight by 10%-15%. Every pound of unsprung weight savings has the effect of reducing the overall vehicle weight by 20 lbs.
ENK-396-770-4945SP 17x7 45mm 4x100 16.8 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-770-6545SP 17x7 45mm 5x114.3 16.8 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-770-4840SP 17x7 40mm 4x114.3 16.8 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-780-8048SP 17x8 48mm 5x100 17.9 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-780-6548SP 17x8 48mm 5x114.3 17.9 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-780-8035SP 17x8 35mm 5x100 17.9 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-785-6530SP 17x8.5 30mm 5x114.3 19.1 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-785-6535SP 17x8.5 35mm 5x114.3 19.1 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-795-6538SP 17x9.5 38mm 5x114.3 19.6 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-710-6518SP 17x10 18mm 5x114.3 21.4 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-875-8048SP 18x7.5 48mm 5x100 19.2 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-875-6548SP 18x7.5 48mm 5x114.3 19.2 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-880-1245SP 18x8 45mm 5x120 20.2 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-880-6540SP 18x8 40mm 5x114.3 20.2 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-880-4435SP 18x8 35mm 5x112 20.2 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-880-8035SP 18x8 35mm 5x100 20.2 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-885-6535SP 18x8.5 35mm 5x114.3 20.9 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-885-6530SP 18x8.5 30mm 5x114.3 20.9 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-890-6518SP 18x9 18mm 5x114.3 21.0 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-895-6538SP 18x9.5 38mm 5x114.3 21.2 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-810-6522SP 18x10 22mm 5x114.3 21.4 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-980-8035SP 19x8 35mm 5x100 20.5 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-980-4435SP 19x8 35mm 5x112 20.5 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-985-1212SP 19x8.5 12mm 5x120 20.5 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-985-6522SP 19x8.5 22mm 5x114.3 20.5 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-985-1235SP 19x8.5 35mm 5x120 20.5 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-985-6542SP 19x8.5 42mm 5x114.3 20.5 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-990-6518SP 19x9 18mm 5x114.3 22.0 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-995-6522SP 19x9.5 22mm 5x114.3 22.5 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-995-6542SP 19x9.5 42mm 5x114.3 21.6 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-910-6522SP 19x10 22mm 5x114.3 23.1 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-910-1220SP 19x10 20mm 5x120 23.1 lbs. SILVER
ENK-396-770-6545SBC 17x7 45mm 5x114.3 16.8 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-780-6548SBC 17x8 48mm 5x114.3 17.9 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-785-6530SBC 17x8.5 30mm 5x114.3 19.1 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-875-6548SBC 18x7.5 48mm 5x114.3 19.2 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-885-6530SBC 18x8.5 30mm 5x114.3 20.9 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-890-6518SBC 18x9 18mm 5x114.3 21.0 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-810-6522SBC 18x10 22mm 5x114.3 21.4 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-985-1212SBC 19x8.5 12mm 5x120 20.5 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-985-6522SBC 19x8.5 22mm 5x114.3 20.5 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-985-6542SBC 19x8.5 42mm 5x114.3 20.5 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-995-6522SBC 19x9.5 22mm 5x114.3 21.6 lbs. SBC
ENK-396-995-6542SBC 19x9.5 42mm 5x114.3 21.6 lbs. SBC
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