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Thank you for visiting and we welcome you to our online store. We are always adding many more products and brands. If you cannot find the product, brand, or part for your vehicle, email us for pricing and availability Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number, make/model/year/engine, and part you are searching for. We only ship within the continental United States.
Since 2002, APR Performance has created special project vehicles that highlight our company’s capabilities at producing quality products. Every APR Project vehicles are debuted at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. General features of APR Project Cars include: Aerodynamic Widebody Kits, Carbon Fiber Front Wind Splitters, Front Bumper Canards, GTC-300 Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wing, and products from specially chosen manufactures of high quality performance products within the tuner industry.
APR Aerodynamic Kits are designed to achieve the highest possible aerodynamic characteristics in a production aero kit. Each kit is engineered to provide minimum drag coefficients while giving each vehicle a wider stance to increase traction. Not only are the kits fully function but also provide a unique look that matches the curves and shapes of each specific vehicle. To ensure the quality fitment and finish, high grade fiberglass and carbon fiber materials are used in the construction of these aero kits.
APR Aerodynamic Kits
APR Adjustable Wings Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wings Part Number Description Application MSRP AS-107057 GTC-500 Universal $1,300.00 AS-107053 GTC-500 Supra SPEC Toyota Supra 1994-1997 $1,400.00 AS-107059 GTC-500 RX-7 SPEC Mazda RX-7 1993-1997 $1,400.00 AS-107025 GTC-500 NSX SPEC Acura NSX 1991-2005 $1,500.00 AS-106757 GTC 300 Universal $1,200.00 AS-106753 GTC 300 Supra SPEC Toyota Supra 1994-1997 $1,300.00 AS-106751 GTC 300 Celica SPEC Toyota Celica 2000-2005 $1,300.00 AS-106759 GTC-300 RX-7 SPEC Mazda RX-7 1993-1997 $1,300.00 AS-106758 GTC-300 350Z SPEC Nissan 350Z 2002-Up $1,300.00 AS-106748 GTC-300 EVO SPEC Mitsubishi Evolution 2003-Up $1,300.00 AS-106760 GTC-300 WRX/STI SPEC Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up $1,300.00 AS-105957 GTC Drag Universal $625.00 AS-105958 GTC 200 Universal $625.00 AS-105951 GTC 200 Celica SPEC Toyota Celica 2000-2005 $725.00 AS-105914 GTC-200 WRX/STI SPEC Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up $725.00 AS-105948 GTC-200 EVO SPEC Mitsubishi Evolution 2003-Up $725.00 CS-105501 GT Universal $550.00 CS-105503 GT-I Universal $550.00 CS-105502 GT-II Universal $570.00 CS-105514 Evolution GT-I Universal $550.00 CS-105504 Evolution GT-II Universal $570.00 CS-105505 Drag Style Universal $550.00 CS-105500M Racing SPEC GT-I Universal $550.00 CS-105500H Racing SPEC GT-II Universal $570.00 Aluminum Adjustable Wings Part Number Description Application MSRP AS-105551 Celica Replacement Toyota Celica 2000-2005 $395.00 AS-105514 Evolution GT-I Universal $350.00 AS-105504 Evolution GT-II Universal $340.00 AS-105501 GT Universal $340.00 AS-105503 GT-I Universal $340.00 AS-105502 GT-II Universal $350.00 AS-105505 Drag Style Universal $340.00 RS-105500M Racing SPEC GT-I Universal $340.00 RS-105500H Racing SPEC GT-II Universal $350.00 AS-105554 V-SPEC Type I (Black) Universal $250.00 AS-105550 V-SPEC Type 1 (Silver) Universal $250.00 AS-105552 V-SPEC Type 2 (Black) Universal $340.00 AS-105553 V-SPEC Type 2 (Silver) Universal $340.00 AS-105506 Mini Drag Style (Silver) Universal $285.00 AS-105526 Mini Drag Style (Black) Universal $285.00 AS-105508 GT-S (Silver) Universal $285.00 AS-105518 GT-S (Black) Universal $285.00 AS-105509 GT-U (Silver) Universal $285.00 AS-105519 GT-U (Black) Universal $285.00 AS-105301 Euro DTM 53” Universal $165.00 AS-105701 Euro DTM 57” Universal $165.00 Adjustable Wings Accessories Carbon Fiber Wing Side Plates Part Number Description MSRP AA-100030 Racing SPEC Side Plates $80.00 AA-100031 GT Side Plates $75.00 AA-100033 GT-I Side Plates $80.00 AA-100032 GT-II Side Plates $85.00 AA-100034 Evolution GT-II/GT-I Side Plates $85.00 AA-100035 Drag Style Side Plates $75.00 AA-100036 V-SPEC Type I Side Plates $65.00 AA-100038 V-SPEC Type 2 Side Plates $75.00 AA-100050 GTC-200 Side Plates $75.00 AA-100037 Mini Drag Side Plates $65.00 AA-100048 GTC-200 EVO SPEC Side Plates $80.00 10mm Wing Base Stands Part Number Description MSRP AA-100111 10MM GT Base Stands $65.00 AA-100113 10MM GT-I Base Stands $75.00 AA-100112 10MM GT-II Base Stands $85.00 AA-100115 10MM Drag Style Base Stands $65.00 AA-100118 10MM GT-S Base Stands (Silver) $65.00 AA-101118 10MM GT-S Base Stands (Black) $65.00 AA-100119 10MM GT-U Base Stands (Silver) $65.00 AA-101119 10MM GT-U Base Stands (Black) $65.00 Miscellaneous Adjustable Wing Parts Part Number Description MSRP AA-100055 Custom Adjustable Rods $55.00 AA-100158 10MM U-Bracket (4 Pieces) $55.00 AA-100059 Screws packet GT/Racing SPEC $15.00 AA-100060 Screw packet V-SPEC/Celice Repalcement $15.00 AA-100064 GTC-300/GTC-500 2” Raiser TBA Carbon Fiber Rear Diffusers Part Number Application MSRP AB-485019 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 2003-2005 TBA AB-483019 Mitsubishi Evolution 9 2006-Up and APR EVIL-R Widebody Bumper TBA AB-820519 Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up TBA Rear Diffusers Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Diffusers Part Number Application MSRP FAB-485019 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 2003-2005 $495.00 FAB-820519 Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up $495.00 Part Number Application MSRP FA-924006 Honda S2000 2004-Up $575.00 FA-489006 Mitsubishi Evolution 9 2006-Up $575.00 FA-896006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2006-Up TBA Front Air Dams Part Number Application MSRP CW-980008 Dodge SRT4 2003-Up $320.00 CW-802028 Hyundai Tiburon 2004-Up $320.00 CW-483008 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 2003-2005 $320.00 CW-484009 Mitsubishi Evolution 9 2006-Up $320.00 CW-350008 Nissan 350Z 2002-Up $320.00 CW-520018 Scion tC 2004-Up $320.00 CW-802308 Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-2003 $320.00 CW-805008 Subaru Impreza WRX 2004-2005 $320.00 AB-300011 Wind Splitter Support Rods $55.00 Front Wind Splitters Part Number Application MSRP AB-200300 Front Bumper Canard Set A $185.00 AB-200400 Front Bumper Canard Set B $185.00 AB-982003 Dodge SRT4 2003-Up $185.00 AB-483030 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 2003-2005 $185.00 AB-494030 Mitsubishi Evolution 9 2006-Up $185.00 AB-520014 Scion tC 2004-Up $185.00 AB-802004 Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up $185.00 Front Bumper Canards Formula GT3 Mirror Applications Part Number Application Base Color MSRP CB-100002B Universal with 4.5” Mirror Lenses N/A $165.00 CB-100004B Universal with 5.5” Mirror Lenses N/A $195.00 CB-294972B Acura Integra 1994-2001 Black $260.00 CB-294973S Acura Integra 1994-2001 Silver $260.00 CB-929502B Honda Civic 1992-1995 Black $260.00 CB-929503S Honda Civic 1992-1995 Silver $260.00 CB-960002B Honda Civic 1996-2000 Black $260.00 CB-960003S Honda Civic 1996-2000 Silver $260.00 CB-920032B Honda S2000 2000-Up Black $325.00 CB-310002B Lexus IS300 2000-2005 Black $325.00 CB-310003S Lexus IS300 2000-2005 Silver $325.00 CB-793972B Mazda RX-7 1993-1997 Black $325.00 CB-495982B Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1998 Black $260.00 CB-495983S Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1998 Silver $260.00 CB-483032B Mitsubishi Evolution 2003-Up Black $305.00 CB-801402B Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up Black $305.00 CB-801403S Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up Silver $305.00 CB-300002B Toyota Celica 2000-2005 Black $295.00 CB-300003S Toyota Celica 2000-2005 Silver $295.00 CB-320002B Toyota MR-2 Spyder 2000-2005 Black $325.00 CB-330002B Toyota Supra 1993-1998 Black $325.00 Formula GT3 Mirrors Formula GT3 Mirror Accessories Part Number Description MSRP CF-230006 Mirror Replacement [Driver/4.5” Width] $65.00 CF-230007 Mirror Replacement [Passenger/4.5” Width] $65.00 CF-230008 Mirror Replacement [Driver/5.5” Width] $75.00 CF-230009 Mirror Replacement [Passenger/5.5” Width] $75.00 CF-101212 Double Sided Carbon Fiber Plate 12”x12” $65.00 CF-001212 Single Sided Carbon Fiber Plate 12”x12” $45.00 Radiator Cooling Plate Part Number Description MSRP CF-920031 Honda S2000 2000-Up $145.00 CF-930032 Honda S2000 2000-Up (for Spoon Intake) $165.00 CF-310008 Lexus IS300 2000-2005 $125.00 CF-483031 Mitsubishi Evolution 2003-Up $135.00 CF-350231 Nissan 350Z 2003-Up $125.00 CF-802314 Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up $125.00 CF-826031 Toyota Supra 1993-1998 $145.00 Flex Control Bars Part Number Application Color MSRP AS-294004R Acura Integra 1994-2001 Red $135.00 AS-294004B Acura Integra 1994-2001 Blue $135.00 AS-202004R Acura RSX 2002-Up Red $145.00 AS-202004B Acura RSX 2002-Up Blue $145.00 AS-949704R Honda Accord 1994-1997 Red $135.00 AS-949704B Honda Accord 1994-1997 Blue $135.00 AS-980004R Honda Accord 1998-2002 Red $135.00 AS-929504R Honda Civic 1992-1995 Red $135.00 AS-929504B Honda Civic 1992-1995 Blue $135.00 AS-960004R Honda Civic 1996-2000 Red $135.00 AS-960004B Honda Civic 1996-2000 Blue $135.00 AS-802024 Hyundai Tiburon 2003-Up Gunmetal $145.00 AS-495984R Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1998 Red $169.00 AS-495984B Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1998 Blue $169.00 AS-483033 Mitsubishi Evolution 2003-Up Gunmetal $295.00 AS-802034R Nissan Altima 2002-Up Red $145.00 AS-802034B Nissan Altima 2002-Up Blue $145.00 AS-802034 Nissan Altima 2002-Up Gunmetal $145.00 AS-520024 Scion Xa (ist) 2003-Up Silver $115.00 AS-520034 Scion Xb (bB) 2003-Up Silver $115.00 AS-802014R Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up Red $145.00 AS-802014B Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up Blue $145.00 AS-802014 Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-Up Gunmetal $145.00 AS-300004R Toyota Celica 2000-2005 Red $169.00 AS-300004B Toyota Celica 2000-2005 Blue $169.00 Aerodynamic Widebody Kits Part Number Description MSRP AB-483000 Mitsubishi EVIL-R Evolution $3,995.00 AB-820500 Subaru SS/GT Impreza WRX $3,995.00 AB-300000 Toyota GT300 Celica $3,500.00 AB-303000 Toyota S-GT MR-2 Spyder $3,500.00 AB-483000 Mitsubishi EVIL-R Evolution $3,995.00 AB-820500 Subaru SS/GT Impreza WRX $3,995.00 AB-300000 Toyota GT300 Celica $3,500.00 AB-303000 Toyota S-GT MR-2 Spyder $3,500.0
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